Sherri Keefer Missing Case: 60-Years-Old Robinson Woman Found Dead

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Sherri Keefer, a Robinson township woman who disappeared three months ago – was found dead on Sunday evening (5 March). The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the news on Wednesday (8 March).

Sherri Keefer went missing in December last year. She was last seen walking down California Avenue in the vicinity of the 3600 blocks in the Brighton Heights neighborhood on 1 December 2022, in the early hours.

The authorities were unable to locate her even with the extension search. They checked almost all the surveillance footage from the area where Keefer disappeared.

What happened to Sherri Keefer? How did the missing woman die? Let’s explore it all in today’s short article.

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Sherri Keefer Missing Case: 60-Years-Old Robinson Woman Found Dead

Sherri Keefer, a Robinson Township resident who had been missing since the last December, was discovered dead on Sunday night (5 March). The revelation was confirmed on Wednesday by the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office (8 March).

As mentioned above, Sherri Keefer was last seen strolling down California Avenue of the 3600 blocks in the Brighton Heights neighborhood.

Sherri Keefer disappeared from California Avenue on 1 December – with an extensive search, police found her dead body in the 4400 block of Ohio River Boulevard, Bellevue. (Image Source: Twitter)

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office revealed that the 60-year-old victim’s body was discovered in the 4400 block of Ohio River Boulevard, Bellevue, releasing a statement.

There has been no official update regarding how and when Sherri died. The medical team appears to be examining the case to determine Sherri Keefer’s death cause. So, let’s wait and see.

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The Pittsburgh Police department said that a future report from the medical examiner’s office would provide the cause and manner of the 60-year-old’s death.

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Sherri Keefer Family – She Was A Mother And Wife

Sherri Keefer was a married woman. She was a loving mother and devoted wife.

The name and identity of her husband and children are not made public. The family must be heartbroken by the death of their beloved family member. Hopefully, they will have the courage to deal with the tragedy.

Sherri Keefer missingThe 60-year-old Sherri Keefer, found dead on Sunday, was a doting mother to her children and a loving wife to her husband. (Image Source: Facebook)

None of her family members seem to have come forward to say anything related to the late Robinson township woman’s death and missing.

Sherri Keefer Disappearance And Investigations

Police checked all surveillance footage from at least one establishment nearby where Sherri went missing.

One of the videos depicts two ladies walking side by side while holding coffee cups; one is dressed in a purple coat resembling the one Sherri was allegedly wearing when she vanished, according to the Police.

When WPXI contacted Pittsburgh Public Safety about the video, they were informed that the woman wearing the purple coat was not Keefer.

The search for Sherri Keefer was expanded by Channel 11. Channel 11 visited California Avenue and spoke with multiple locals working nearby and bystanders. Several poles and windows posted flyers asking for help in finding Keefer. Nobody mentioned having seen Keefer previously.

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“I only hope she’s okay. “Anything might happen, but this area is fine,” said Francis Beerhalter, Pops & Son Pizza owner.

Many of Keefer’s friends have written to Channel 11 to express concern about her well-being. They inform us that Keefer is a mother and a wife.

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