Is Audrey Cymone Kuina One Piece Live Action? Official Or Rumor

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After the amazing castings in season one of ‘One Piece,’ fans eagerly await the reveal of other characters’ casting. There are talks surfacing that Audrey Cymone is playing Kuina. Is it Official, or is it just a rumor?

Audrey is a famous performer in various plays, like La Jolla Playhouse, La Mirada Theatre, and Cerritos Center for Performing Arts.

She was in a choir group called Acapop! KIDS, Voices of Hope Children’s Choir, and they worked with Warner Records.

They went to participate in the TV show America’s Got Talent and made it pretty far in the show.

She is also on the Disney Princess YouTube channel, where she talks to small kids about Disney princesses.

There is currently a rumor going around that Audrey might have been chosen for the role of Kuina for the second season of the hit Netflix show One Piece.

Is Audrey Cymone Playing Kuina in Netflix’s One Piece?

Kuina was a skilled swordfighter who wanted to be the best but felt limited as a girl.

She and Zoro, her friend, made a promise to become the world’s best swordsman.

Tragically, Kuina died, but Zoro, in her memory, pursued this dream using her sword.

He became renowned for his sword skills with the Straw Hat Pirates, cherishing Kuina’s memory.

KuinaKuina is actually mixed race. Did you know that? (Source: Instagram)

Since the rumor has been going around, One Piece fans have started taking a lot of interest in her.

They think that fits the role with her long experience in performing arts as Kuina is a role that requires it.

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Some think that, while she does fit the role, it would’ve been better if the makers cast an Asian actor as Kuina.

They really think that there is too little Asian representation on the show that is literally a live-action adaptation of a Japanese manga.

Other fans said it’s okay that she is not Asian as they stated that even Kuina wasn’t a fully Asian Character.

They said,

Kuina’s grandfather is from Wano, and her father (Koshiro) married someone from East Blue, which would make Kuina mixed Asian.

Debate Over Audrey’s Age and Appearance as Kuina

The reasons for hesitations about Audrey being cast as Kuina are different.

Some One Piece fans think that Audrey Cymone might be a bit too old for the character Kuina, who was only 12 when she died.

Audrey Cymone KuinaAudrey looks fierce, lifting a sword. (Source: Instagram)

But they still think it’s a good choice because the actor has performed on stage before and has a great singing voice.

Basically, they like the actor’s talent but are unsure if they’ll match the character’s age.

Many people who knew Audrey before the rumors think age is not the problem, as Audrey is just 13.

But again, the main concern was her ‘very mature facial features.’

According to them, Audrey Cymone looked way older than what the character Kuina looked like when she died in the show.

Is Casting Official Or Just Rumors?

Now, while all the discussions are roaming around, fans want to know whether she has been confirmed for the role or if these are all just rumors.

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The answer is that It is true that actress Audrey Cymone is playing Kuina.

According to the makers, she fits every requirement they had for the role.

They say that she has got similar features to the Anime Kuina.

Audrey Cymone mirrorAudrey shares an interesting mirror picture during her vacation. (Source: Instagram)

The fans are still divided on whether they like Audrey as Kuina or not.

They accept that matching the anime character with real-life actors is almost impossible.

They are now desperately waiting for the reveal of the casting of ‘Tashigi.’ Till now, the makers have not failed when it comes to casting.

People really loved the casting of other characters, such as Sanji, Nami, etc., in the first season.

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