Malachi Hemphill Obituary And Death Cause: Live Video And Reddit Update

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People are curious to know about Malachi Hemphill obituary details. After a boy accidentally kills himself while broadcasting live on Instagram, police make an arrest.

On 2017, a 13-year-old Georgia boy accidentally shot himself in the head as friends watched live on Instagram.

Malachi Hemphill appeared on Instagram Live on Monday after taking out the garbage and holding a gun.

Later, according to his mother Shaniqua Stephens, he was instructed to put a clip in the revolver after someone inquired as to why he didn’t have one.

She claimed that the rifle went off as soon as he loaded the clip. Stephens and her daughter rushed upstairs when “a big boom” was heard.

“I just knew that there was something wrong,” she admitted. “We smashed the door open. He was just lying there in a pool of blood when we found him.

Read on till the end to learn more about Malachi Hemphill obituary and death cause.

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Malachi Hemphill Obituary And Death Cause

After her mother learned about the shooting, Malachi still had his life on. She recalled that her daughter screamed and said, Mom turns his phone off. As she continued, she noticed he was on Instagram Live.

Hemphill was taken seriously and later died in the hospital. Stephens said that it was not a deliberate suicide but rather an accident.

A teen driver dies in an accident while broadcasting live on Facebook. Many of his pals were present when the incident took place. After that, according to Stephens, they hurried to her home.

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She estimated that there were 40 to 50 children outside. She supposed that these were the local children watching live television.

Talking about Malachi Hemphill obituary and funeral, it was done in the presence of his family and close friends. (Source: 13News Now)

She said they just rushed over here when it happened. Stephens is unsure exactly how Malachi got the weapon.  She was informed that he acquired it from a friend who acquired it from a third party.

Detectives told her they were trying to determine who initially owned the gun before passing it to their pal.

She declared, “This is just a pain that will never disappear.” He was the only son I had. He was only 13 years old. I’ll never forget the simple memory of seeing him on the ground.

Malachi Hemphill Live Video And Reddit Update

Malachi Hemphill live video was recorded, and it can be found everywhere on social sites and Reddit.

Even though she and her husband Ernest frequently checked his social media pages, Stephens claimed it was challenging to keep up with her son’s online activity.

Both claimed they made every effort to keep track of their children’s whereabouts and pals.

The improper influence outside the home and a parent’s eye, they claimed, can still result in disaster despite their efforts to serve as positive role models for their kids.

Malachi Hemphill obituaryFriends see the teen’s accidental death on Instagram Live. (Source: 13News Now)

Last day, the detective questioned her, what was Malachi’s Instagram name? Stephens recalled that Malachi would make up so many pages that his mother couldn’t tell him what his Instagram name was.

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She expressed the hope that parents will take note of the need to watch what their kids are doing and who they are doing it with.

Ernest Stephens, Hemphill’s stepfather, stated that “it can happen to the best parents” and “the best people.”

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