What Was Written In Chalino Sanchez Death Note? Singer Killed

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During his performance at the Salon Bugambilias, a Mexican singer, Chalino Sanchez, received a note from the audience that is believed to be a death note as he was found dead right after the incident happened. So, what is the reality? What was written in that note?

Chalino Sanchez is famous as one of the most influential narcocorrido singers of the late 20th century.

He started composing songs for inmates with stories they wanted to preserve in ballads.

Moreover, the Mexican singer also composed and sang romantic and radio-friendly songs.

Also, people recognized him throughout California, and he received many requests to sing in various music venues, including El Parral Nightclub and El Puma De Sinaloa.

But his flourishing career seemed to end during his performance at the Salon Bugambilias in Culiacan.

On the stage, somebody from the audience handed Chalino Sanchez a note, which made him nervous, giving him a clue that it was a death note.

Then, unidentified assailants killed him on May 16, 1992, hours after a performance at the Salon Bugambilias in Culiacan.

It looks like a mysterious case, and many people are curious to know about the death note received by Chalino Sanchez.

Who Is Chalino Sanchez? Early Life And Career

The Mexican singer Chalino Sanchez was born Rosalino Sanchez Felix on a small Sinaloa, Las Flechas ranch.

Likewise, he grew up with his seven older siblings as his parents, Santos Sanchez and Senorina Felix, raised them all.

It’s sad to hear that all of them, including Chalino, grew up poor and lived a difficult life. Since childhood, Chalino always dreamed about becoming a singer.

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Later, his life turned upside down when he saw the man who raped his sister at a party; he allegedly shot him in revenge, killing him.

After committing this, the singer left for Tijuana with his gun and a Jesus Malverde chain.

Tragically, the life of Chalino came to an end at the young age of 32 on May 16, 1992. (Source: Instagram)

Then, Chalino met Marisela Vallejos through his cousin, Rosalba. After that, they tied the knot in a simple, intimate wedding in 1984.

They welcomed two children named Adan Sanchez and Cynthia Sanchez from their marriage.

Moving to his career, Chalino became a professional singer and songwriter.

Therefore, he earned money through his compositions, and the customers often gifted him guns and presents.

Amazingly, Chalino sang his songs in his cadence and Sinaoloan slang, which no big singer had ever tried to do.

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The Words Behind The Death Note Of Chalino Sanchez

One of the famous Mexican singers, Chalino Sanchez, was murdered on May 16, 1992.

Before his death, an audience member handed the death note to Chalino Sanchez during his show.

In the death note, there was a warning for him not to perform. Otherwise, it would be his last performance.

Furthermore, a video recording of the song Alma Enamorada shows Chalino crumpling up the note before singing the song.

Explaining the incident, he drove away from the club after midnight with two brothers, a cousin, and several young women.

Chalino Sanchez looking at the cameraChalino Sanchez was famous for his rendition of songs commonly known as narcocorridos. (Source: Instagram)

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Then, a group of armed men in black Chevrolet Suburbans pulled them over.

Therefore, they showed state police ID cards and told the singer their commander wanted to see him.

Further, Chalino agreed and went in their cars while the others stayed behind.

Then, the following day, at 6 am, two farmers found his body by an irrigation canal near Highway 15, near the neighborhood of Los Laureles, Culiacan.

According to the reports, the murderer shot him in the back of the head twice.

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