Lawrence man Daniel Silber passed away suddenly: obituary

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Lawrence, NY – Esther Coco Berg, a prominent internet personality known as “BDE,” is grieving the recent loss of her beloved brother, Daniel “Dan” Silber. The renowned social media influencer shared the heartbreaking news of his passing with her followers, expressing deep sorrow and shock.

The cause of Daniel Silber’s death hasn’t been disclosed by the family at this time. Esther revealed that he was profoundly affected by the loss of their father, finding solace in being reunited with him in eternal love.

Expressing her love and commitment, Esther pledged to care for her brother’s children and ensure his memory lives on indefinitely. She fondly remembered their bond, expressing gratitude for the adventures they shared as siblings and bidding a heartfelt farewell to her brother.

Daniel Silber, known as “Lobo,” was a cherished son to Eva and Chaim Silber and a loving sibling to Malkie, Esther, Sasha, Cookie, and Nathan. He held a significant place in the heart of Mrs. Rachel Silber as a beloved grandson.

Married to Eda Silber of Long Island, New York, Daniel faced personal challenges, including a separation from his spouse in 2006, and the loss of his father in 2017 after a yearlong illness. Growing up in Crown Heights, New York, he pursued education at Brooklyn College and Yeshiva Torah Vodaath.

Esther Coco Berg posted on Facebook,

“It’s with great sorrow and complete shock that I sadly announce the passing of my older and only brother Daniel “Dani” Silber.Forever haunted by the loss of our father, his heart, once shattered, now finds solace as he rests beside him, united in eternal love.“I love you so much Dan Dan and will do everything I can to be there for you children and make sure your memory last forever!!I’m so sorry you left us so soon..being your little sister was the coolest and greatest adventure ever..thank you for ride!!Rest in Peace Dan Dan”

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Daniel Silber’s professional journey led him through various ventures, notably establishing HIS Equipment Marketing Co., a successful computer leasing business. However, his most impactful endeavor was founding The Chaim Foundation, supporting sports leagues and promoting community engagement.

Known for his passion for sports, Daniel initiated the Orthodox Bungalow Baseball League’s Lobos softball team in Greentree Acres Bungalow Colony, achieving significant success and fostering sportsmanship. He generously distributed Team Lobos merchandise to visitors over the years, reflecting his commitment to fostering a vibrant community spirit.

The family will provide details regarding Daniel Silber’s obituary and funeral arrangements at a later date.

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