Yes, Andrew Tate Is Alive- He Did Not Get Shot, Tweet Started The Rumor

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Andrew Tate has been a victim of a death hoax recently; people have been curious to know if Andrew Tate is alive or not.

The news about Tate being arrested was out on December 29, 2022. There has been another death hoax of him.

Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate, were arrested by Romanian Police on Thursday concerning a human-trafficking investigation.

They have been detained for at least 24 hours for questioning. They have been charged with human trafficking and forming an organized criminal group.

But, people are more curious about the death hoax that has been going on in many social media.

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Yes, Andrew Tate Is Alive- He Did Not Get Shot

Rumor spreading about Tate’s death is just a rumor, and do not follow any of them; he is safe and alive.

A billion people believed that he was shot to death after a tweet was out in public. After many investigations, the gossip was out, and he was found safe.

Andrew Tate Responds To Piers Morgan’s Death Hoax Tweet. (Source: Exputer)

Along with his death, his arrest was made, so many people were concerned about him and his health.

The news was from a well-known page, so people believed it without a second thought. But the information was just a rumor.

Tate is a well-known television personality and professional boxer; he started his boxing career very young. 

He started boxing and other martial arts in 2005 and worked in television for his support. Tate was ranked the 7th best light-heavyweight kickboxer in Britain in 2008.

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Tate has almost won every match he has participated in; his last game was in 2020 with Cosmin Lingurar, and he won the battle.

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Tweet Started The Rumor About Andrew Tate’s Death 

A Tweet from Piers Morgan’s account was out about Tate’s death, published by a hacker.

As per the source, the TV host’s social media account was hacked in the morning, and the Tweet was released at night.

Offensive Tweets and posts were out on his account, the private message from Morgan and other celebrities was out, and millions of viewers watched the announcement.

Along with all that, a tweet said Tate had been shot and killed in Dubai. In an hour, the Tweet went viral, and many people shared condolence for his family.

Piers Morgan’s tweet about Andrew Tate.Piers Morgan’s tweet about Andrew Tate. (Image Source: Sportmanor)

Billion people viewed the tweet within an hour; people were concerned about Tate. People believed it because Tate and Morgan had been seen together many times, and Tate appeared in his show almost three times and had a good friendship.

After some time, Morgan’s account was fixed, and the Tweet was deleted. Not only that, the message, which seems to be about World Cup with Andy Murray, went out.

The message with Murray was about the weak performance of Ronaldo at the game; it was very offensive to the fan of Ronaldo and many concerned people.

Morgan joked with Muarry about how it was terrible how he was tested for how much he liked Ronaldo.

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After every private message and Tweet went viral, Morgan’s Twitter account was recovered, and everything was deleted afterward.

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