How Old Is Shane Pittman From 28 Days Haunted? Wikipedia Age And Family Ethnicity

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Shane Pittman started his ’28 Days Haunted’ journey with Amy Parks and Ray Causey. The trio was told to stay in a haunted House to uncover the reason behind the paranormal activities.

28 Days Haunted is a Netflix horror reality series that follows teams of paranormal investigators trying to solve the secrets of different haunted locations.

The participant must spend their 28 days in the haunted House with no outside contacts to truly connect with the spiritual world.

However, the team bearing and skills earned them much acclaim, and the fans are eager to know more about their current whereabouts.

How Old Is Shane Pittman From 28 Days Haunted? Age And Wikipedia

Shane Pittman was born on July 21 but has not disclosed his age and exact birthdate. However, according to the picture, he seems to be in his early 41s.

Pittman is an actor, director, and producer. He is the Lead Investigator for Netflix’s new series, 28 Days Haunted.

Similarly, the producer is also a co-star/Investigator for the TV series, The Holzer Files on Discovery Plus and Travel Channel.

The actor has had profound incomprehensible paranormal experiences since childhood. 

Shane Pittman and his team started their ’28 Days Haunted’ journey with minimal information.Source: Instagram

Shane was determined to learn as much as possible by researching every technological method to find the truth about his otherworldly encounters.

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The Investigator attempts to use his passion for modern technology to advance the field of paranormal study.

Moreover, he tried scientifically validating paranormal experiences using the latest and unconventional techniques.

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The Paranormal Investigator Family And Ethnicity

Shane Pittman is married to his beautiful wife, Esther Pittman. However, he has not publicly revealed any information about his wife.

Pittman belongs to the white ethnicity. He is a proud Father and feels grateful to have his kids around him. 

Moreover, Shane is active on social media platforms and shares pictures of his personal and professional life, so we can keep ourselves updated about his work through his Instagram feed.

Shane PittmanShane Pittman’s kids, are Luke, Leah, Levi, and Lyla.Source: Instagram

According to Instagram, the couple had given birth to four children, Luke William, Leah Rose, Levi Cole, and Lyla Grace Pittman.

The couple welcomed their first child, Luke, on November 19, 2002. Shortly after two years, Esther gave birth to her daughter, Leah, on June 13, 2004.

Moreover, Shane and Esther both frequently share pictures of their kids. According to Instagram, the paranormal Investigator has a loving family.

Shane Pittman 28 Days Haunted Journey

Shane Pittman was on the journey with minimal information. The Investigator went to a haunted House with his team, Amy Parks and Ray Causey.

The trio was at the House to discover the reason behind abnormal activities on the property.

However, the team was unaware they were part of an experiment meant to prove the validity of a concept theorized by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Wanner.

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Shane PittmanShane Pittman in 28 Days Haunted. Source: Bustle

In Addition, they felt spiritual energy in Shane’s and Amy’s room. The trio established a connection with the spirits of two women called Cara and Marianne during the beginning days.

Cara and Marianne were murdered in Amy’s room, AKA the Valentine Suite. The team uncovered a tunnel in the basement of the inn, where they felt an unpleasant pressure.

After the investigation, the trio uncovered that whoever killed Cara and Marianne was a serial killer.

The team terminated that two females wanted the world to be aware of the true evil of their killer, and they were happy that the truth had eventually come out.

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Who Is Shane Pittman?

Shane Pittman is a Paranormal Investigator.

Is He Married?

Yes, he is married to Esther Pittman.

How Many Children Does Shane Have?

Shane has four children.

What Is Pittman’s Ethnicity?

Pittman belongs to the white ethnicity.

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