What Is Moonbin Real Name? Is Astro Members Hair real Or Wig?

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Many fans of Moonbin are curious about his real name, as it is not common for K-pop idols to use their birth name as their stage name.

The tragic news of the sudden death of Moonbin, a member of the boy band Astro, has rocked the K-pop industry. Moonbin, known for his unique hairstyle and impressive talent, passed away at 25, leaving fans worldwide in shock and disbelief. 

In the wake of his untimely death, fans have been reflecting on his life, career, and the legacy he leaves behind. 

He significantly impacted the music industry, with his unique style and stage presence captivating audiences worldwide.

This article explores Moonbin’s real name, his famous hairstyle, and the circumstances surrounding his death, shedding light on K-pop stars’ immense pressures and the toll they can take on their mental health.

Moonbin Real Name Revealed 

Moonbin’s real name was Moon Bin, which was the same as his stage name, meaning that he didn’t have a separate given name.

Moonbin’s real name is the same as his stage name, is not common in the Korean entertainment industry, where many idols adopt a stage name. However, Moonbin’s given name, which means “to shine brightly like a full moon,” seemed to suit him well as he captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

He attended Hanlim Multi Art School, one of the most prestigious schools in Korea for the performing arts, alongside his bandmates Jinjin, MJ, and Rocky. 

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Moonbin has been a part of the entertainment industry since childhood and has appeared in several dramas, TV shows, and advertisements.

Is Astro Member’s Hair Real Or Wig?

Moonbin’s hair had been the talk of the town ever since he debuted with Astro in 2016. 

Moonbin of the K-pop group ASTRO disclosed that he had bleached his hair six times and also confessed that his bangs were not real but a wig. (Source: Twitter)

He was known for his signature pink hair, which has become a trademark. However, fans have been questioning whether his hair was real or if he used to wear a wig.

In a 2019 interview with AllKpop, Moonbin revealed that he had bleached his hair six times to achieve his desired look. He also stated that his bangs were a wig, and he used to wear them to hide his forehead. 

The revelation surprised many fans, who believed that Moonbin’s hair was entirely real.

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Moonbin’s unique hairstyle has gone through several transformations over the years. In 2017, he rocked silver hair, which he dyed blonde in 2018. 

Moonbin Tragically Passed Away

The sudden death of 25-year-old K-pop star Moonbin has left fans in shock and distress. 

Moonbin deathThe tweet states that Moonbin died at his home in Seoul at the age of 25. (Source: Twitter)

The Astro band member was discovered unresponsive at his Seoul apartment by his manager on Wednesday night. While initial reports suggest that he may have taken his own life, the exact cause of death will be determined following an autopsy.

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Moonbin’s death has reignited concerns about the intense pressure and stress that K-pop stars are subjected to and reminds us of other high-profile music industry fatalities in recent years. 

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Fantiago, the music label representing Moonbin, expressed their sorrow over the loss, noting that he had “unexpectedly left our world and became a star in the sky.”

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