Ted Condo kiled in a fatal motorcycle accident in Ewing Township

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Ewing Township, NJ – The music world mourns the untimely loss of Ted Condo, a talented bass player known for his contributions to the bands 6L6 and Dusty Top Hat. Ted’s life was tragically cut short following a motorcycle accident in Ewing Township, leaving behind a legacy of musical brilliance and a story of resilience.

Ted Condo was more than just a bass player; he was an embodiment of charisma, described as a handsome man with incredible pop sensibility who always looked like a star. His musical journey included significant contributions to the bands 6L6 and Dusty Top Hat, where his bass playing left an indelible mark on the music scene.

According to Stephen Hart, Ted Condo’s life was a mix of poetry, comedy, and tragedy. A Saint and a Sinner, Ted’s journey took him from the crucible of 1970s/80s South Boston, where he navigated the challenges of a turbulent environment. Descendant of Mi’qmak Indians on his Father’s side, Ted’s story was one of resilience and triumph over adversity.

Despite the chaos of his early years, Ted Condo found a path to sobriety, guided by the principles of God, Bill Wilson, and the supportive community found in Church basements. The volume, dissonance, and chaos of 6L6, a band he was a part of, were shaped by a clear-eyed, sober man—a grateful alcoholic.

Ted Condo’s appreciation and knowledge of the American Experiment ran deep. Grateful to be Sovereign and Free, he understood the roots of Rock and Roll, rooted in the essence of freedom. The events of 9/11 in Manhattan profoundly affected him, reflecting his deep connection to the soul of the nation.

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Ted Condo’s impact on the music scene and his resilience in the face of life’s challenges will be remembered by those who knew him. The Condo family will release an official obituary and funeral plans, allowing friends, family, and fans to come together to celebrate the life of a rock star who left an enduring mark on the world of music.

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