Snooker: Does Luca Brecel Have Cancer? Illness And Health Update 2023

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Luca Brecel cancer news has become the current hot topic after defeating the four-time world champion Mark Selby. Keep reading to find out more about his health.

Luca Brecel is a Belgian professional snooker player who recently made headlines on social media following his win against the g four-time World Champion Mark Selby.

Furthermore, Brecel also became the first player from mainland Europe to beat a ranking event as he won the 2017 China Championship. 

Likewise, Brecel is the youngest player in the World Snooker Championship. More to this, he turned professional in 2011, and before that, he won the European Under-19 title at the age of 14.

Snooker: Does Luca Brecel Have Cancer?

Snooker player Luca Brecel does not have cancer. There is no news of the snooker player having been diagnosed with any cancer. However, fans often get curious about his health condition.

Exploring Brecel’s social media posts, it can be said that he is doing fine in his life, and his health condition is good. Apart from that, people may have speculated that he may have Cancer by looking at his appearance.

Snooker player Luca Brecel does not have Cancer, but fans speculated after exploring his appearance. (Source: Sporting News)

As we all know, Luca is bald, and due to his baldness, some may have assumed that the snooker player is suffering from some kind of Cancer. However, there is no fact about it.

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Luca Brecel Illness And Health Update 2023

Luca Brecel does not have any illness, and his recent health update shows that the snooker player is fine. Likewise, there is no info on Bercel having severe disease.

However, Brecel battled some health issues in the past, which also made headlines for a short time. In early 2023, he suffered from fatigue.

He has talked about his health problem in the media. Brecel was struggling with his health and went to the doctor, but the results weren’t good. Due to fatigue, Brecel had to withdraw from some tournaments. 

luca brecel healthLuca Brecel’s health condition is perfect, and the snooker player does not have an illness. (Source: The Independent)

Also, due to illness, he did not participate in the Championship League, the tournament Luca won in 2022. After his health problems, Brecel needed rest and took rest to recover fully.

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Who Is Luca Brecel Wife Or Girlfriend?

Luca Bercel is in a romantic relationship with his stunning girlfriend, Laura Vanoverberghe. According to a report by the Sun shows that Brecel and Laura began their romance earlier this year.

Laura is a supportive partner, and she even shared on TikTok that she made the trip to watch Brecel at the final in person. It is said that the lovebirds met through snooker, though Luca has credited Laura with his happiness away from the table.

Luca Brecel GFLuca Bercel is in a romantic relationship with his stunning girlfriend, Laura Vanoverberghe. (Source: The Sun)

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We can find her on Instagram, where Laura often shares snaps with her partner. They are doing well in their personal life. Apart from that, Brecel had an affair with a tennis and volleyball player named Gaelle Dept.

Now, Brecel is happy with Laura. Furthermore, Laura also got a passport to watch her boyfriend, and she even shared a story on Instagram saying, “I am coming, baby.” 

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