Is Miles Ocampo Pregnant? Baby Bump Rumors

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Despite Miles Ocampo’s denial of pregnancy rumors, speculation continued to circulate on social media about whether or not she was expecting a child.

Miles Ocampo is a popular Actress, model, and singer in the Philippines. She has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade and has garnered a huge fan following. 

Miles started her career as a child Actress and has since established herself as one of the most talented and versatile actresses in the country.

Recently, rumors have been circulating on social media that she is pregnant. The speculation intensified when photos of her allegedly sporting a baby bump started circulating online. 

The rumors of Miles Ocampo’s pregnancy caused a stir among her fans and the entertainment industry, with many speculating about the possible Father of the child. 

Is Miles Ocampo Pregnant? 

The news of Miles Ocampo’s alleged pregnancy news broke out in May 2021.

Miles Ocampo denied the rumors regarding her pregnancy. (Source:

Several online news portals reported that the Actress was expecting her first child with her rumored boyfriend, Bimby Aquino. 

The rumors also claimed that Bimby, the son of Philippine media personality Kris Aquino, was the child’s Father. 

The news sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry and sparked a lot of interest among the fans of both Miles and Bimby.

However, Miles Ocampo was quick to refute the rumors. In an Instagram post, she called out the news portals for spreading fake news and clarified that she was not pregnant. 

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The Actress has denied the rumors and has asked her fans to respect her privacy. 

Miles Ocampo Baby Bump Rumors

Photos of the Actress allegedly sporting a baby bump started making rounds, and fans began to speculate that she might be trying to hide her pregnancy. 

Despite Miles Ocampo’s statement, the rumors of her alleged pregnancy continued circulating on social media. Some fans even went so far as to speculate that Miles was using padded clothing or Photoshop to hide her baby bump.

However, many of Miles Ocampo’s fans defended her and pointed out that the photos did not prove her pregnancy. 

They argued that the Actress has always been private about her personal life and that it was unfair to speculate about her pregnancy without evidence.

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Some fans also pointed out that Miles had previously denied rumors of her alleged relationship with Bimby Aquino and that the pregnancy rumors might have been untrue.

Miles Ocampo Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating?

Miles Ocampo confirmed that Elijah Canlas was her boyfriend in June 2021.

Miles Ocampo pregnantThe rumors of Miles Ocampo’s alleged pregnancy with Bimby Aquino’s child were denied by the actress herself. (Source: entertainment)

The news surprised many fans of the Actress, who had been speculating about her relationship status for some time. 

The confirmation of their relationship has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, with many fans expressing their support for the couple.

In an interview with, Elijah Canlas spoke about his relationship with Miles Ocampo, calling her “the best.” He revealed that they had been dating for several months before making their relationship public.

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Elijah Canlas also revealed that he and Miles Ocampo had known each other for several years before they started dating. 

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