Shaughna Phillips Pregnancy News: Hospitalized After Her Unborn Baby Stopped Moving

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Shaughna Phillips pregnancy news has covered the whole internet as she was hospitalized after her unborn baby stopped moving.

Shaughna Phillips is a renowned English reality television personality who came into the spotlight after appearing in the 2020 Winter edition of Love Island. 

Apart from being a prominent reality television personality, Phillips is also a model and influencer with a solid fan base on her Instagram page, where she showcases her style and beauty-related content.

Furthermore, Phillips is not only famous for her appearance in Love Island and being a model, but she was once a hot topic on the internet for having worked as a Democratic Services Officer. 

Meanwhile, Shaughna is again in the limelight following the news of her pregnancy. She was also hospitalized. So, let’s get to know what happened to her.

Shaughna Phillips Pregnancy: Why Was She Hospitalized?

If you have followed Shaughna Philips’ news, you are surely familiar with her being pregnant. She is expecting a child and has let the world news about her pregnancy journey.

Meanwhile, Phillips took to Instagram to share news of her journey, saying she was rushed to the hospital. Philips uploaded a video on Instagram to reveal her little one is on its way.

Shaughna Phillips posted a video on Instagram showing her way to the hospital. ( Source: Instagram )

In the video, we can see her on a ward wearing a CTG belt to monitor her baby’s heartbeat. For your information, she was taken to the hospital to check her baby’s movement.

While opening up with her fans, Shaughna thought that her baby’s movement was reduced. After going to the hospital, she also shared the update saying that the baby was completely fine and due in March.

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Where Is Love Island Star Shaughna Phillips Now?

Love Island star Shaughna Phillips is expecting her first child now. As mentioned earlier, she was rushed to the hospital for reasons related to the pregnancy, but she is completely fine now.

Fans and followers asked about Shaughna’s condition, saying she may be in the hospital. However, she is doing fine and has nothing to worry about.

Shaughna Phillips babyShaughna Phillips shares a photo on Instagram showing a moment from her baby shower. ( Source: Instagram )

Moreover, Shaughna has opened up about her pregnancy journey on Instagram, and to get more updates about her ongoing life, we can follow her on the platform. She is active on Instagram under the username @shaughnaphillips.

Shaughna has collected more than 1.4 million followers at the time of this post. Meanwhile, she has also begged fans not to send her horror stories of being induced and confessed her anxiety before giving birth.

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When Is Shaughna Phillips Baby Due Date? Meet Her Baby Father

It was revealed that Shaughna Phillips’ baby’s due date was on March 25, but she has already passed it. Due to that, Phillips was worried and even went to the hospital.

However, she is fine, and Phillips can soon be a child’s mother. Moreover, Phillips already had a baby shower and shared some moments on her Instagram page on March 16.

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Shaughna Phillips baby fatherShaughna Phillips was spotted with her baby father Billy Webb, for the first time in public. ( Source: Irish Mirror )

Meanwhile, Shaughna is expecting her first child with her partner Billy Webb. Initially, Phillips kept the information about her baby daddy private, but later she revealed it to the media. 

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