Sarah Stern Dateline: Who Are Liam McAtasney Parents Megan And Quinn? Where Is The Murder Now?

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Sara Stern Dateline is an NBC episode that chronicles the murder of Sarah by her childhood friend, Liam McAtsaney.

Liam McAtsaney parents Megan and Quinn, raised their son to be a convicted killer. 

An NBC Dateline episode entitled, The Betrayal of Sarah Stern, explores the murder of the 19-year-old girl at the hands of McAtsaney.

Sarah was last seen alive on December 2, 2016, after which her car was found on the side of a bridge.

Police charged Liam in February 2017 for the murder of Sarah Stern after a sting operation by his friend, Anthony Curry, was able to get his confession on tape.

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Who Are Liam McAtasney Parents Megan And Quinn?

Liam McAtsaney parents are Megan and Quinn McAtsaney. There is not much information about them on the internet.

Though their son has been convicted of the murder of Sarah Stern, the parents still believe their son is innocent.

Talking to ABC’s investigative show 20/20, Megan said that her son Liam was set up and that he could not do such an act.

She emphasized that Sarah’s body was not found till now; if she had been dumped into the ocean, her body should have washed up on the shore.

So, Megan believed Sarah should have run away and never contacted anyone.

Liam McAtsaney’s mother, Megan, believes that her son is innocent and cannot perform such an act of murder. (Source: ABC News)

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Megan also revealed that Sarah had told her daughter that she was planning to leave New Jersey for Canada or California.

However, Sarah’s murder was testified by Preston Taylor, Liam’s former roommate.

Taylor, who took Sarah as his date to Neptune High School’s junior prom, admitted to throwing her body off the bridge between Neptune and Belmar in New Jersey.

Liam was hence sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in June 2019.

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Where Is Sarah Stern Murderer Liam McAtsaney Now?

As we know, Liam McAstanay was the one who ended Liam McAtsaney life. So, where is he right now? Currently, he is in prison for his crime.

He is currently locked up in the New Jersey State Prison for life without the possibility of parole.

A couple of months after Sarah’s disappearance, McAtsaney’s friend, Anthony Curry, managed to capture the murder confession on video.

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This led the authorities to arrest Liam and charge him with several charges, including first-degree murder, robbery, and second-degree desecration of human remains.

liamLiam McAtsaney is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. (Source: ABC)

The motive of the murder was to steal money from Sarah, who discovered a box of money left by her late mother.

Liam planned the robbery and murder a couple of months before the actual deed.

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After he strangled Sarah, Liam called his friend, Preston Taylor, to dump her body over the route 35 bridge to make it appear like an apparent suicide.

Sarah’s car was found by the side of the bridge, still in the ignition, to look like she had driven it by herself to the bridge.

Luckily, investigators were able to convict McAtsaney of murder and land him in jail for the rest of his life.

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