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As of 2021, Ryan Kaji, a captivating YouTuber, and Social Media Influencer has amassed a multi-million net worth of $32 million.

Ryan’s World, formerly known as Ryan ToysReview, is one of YouTube’s most popular channels. And he’s just a kid.

Ryan Kaji (Source: Business Insider.com)

Ryan’s channels have over 40 million combined subscribers and 44 billion cumulative views as of this writing.

Apparently, Ryan Kaji is one of the highest-paid YouTube stars in the world.

On Forbes’ YouTube wealth list, he is listed at the top as he makes $37 million from toy evaluations in a year, making him the platform’s top earner in 2019.

Moreover, Ryan Kaji has also received several nominations and awards.

Apparently, Ryan was nominated for the  Favorite Social Star and Favorite Male Social Star in 2020 at Kids’ Choice Awards.

Quick Facts

Full NameRyan Haruto Nguyen
Net Worth$32 million
ProfessionYouTuber, Influencer
Age Year Old
 Date of BirthOctober 11, 2011
BirthplaceCypress, Texas, USA
EthnicityVietnamese and Japanese
Zodiac SignLibra
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Height4 ft 2 in (1.28 cm)
Weight32 kg ( lbs)
Father’s NameShion  Guan
Mother’s NameLoan  Guan
Sister’s NameEmma Kaji and Kate Kaji
Years Active2015- present
Social MediaInstagram,  Twitter
Last UpdateAugust, 2023

Net worth and Income

Apparently, almost all of his wealth comes from his YouTube channels with millions and billions of views.

Other than that, He’s been able to capitalize on his success and create other revenue sources.

Apparently, brand deals and sponsorships are the main reason for Ryan’s ever-increasing net worth.

Ryan Kaji: Net Worth in Various Currencies

Let’s find out Ryan Kaji’s net worth in other currencies, including the cryptocurrency BitCoin.

CurrencyNet Worth
Pound Sterling23,021,280
Australian Dollar43,431,648
Canadian Dollar40,082,720
Indian Rupee2,380,488,000

Ryan Kaji: House & Cars


Let’s take a look at Ryan’s houses

Texas House

Ryan Kaji’s house is a huge 6,200 square foot home in a gated neighborhood with a large swimming pool.

This is the same house that appears in several of his videos.

In addition to a $1.2 million production studio and two different residences, his family owns three additional properties in the neighborhood.

Ryan lives with his parents and his twin sisters, Emma and Kate, in addition to his parents.

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They also own a five-bedroom, five-bathroom home in a nearby gated community for $1 million.

Additionally, they also bought a three-bedroom house in 2014 for $190,000.

Hawaii House

The family has allegedly stated that they would be relocating to Hawaii in 2021.

Their new property, which they show off on their YouTube channel ‘Kaji family,’ has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a swimming pool.


Ryan’s father owns a Porsche Macan GT3 SUV for $80,000. Following Ryan’s YouTube channel’s popularity.

Not to forget, Ryan also has his own collection of cars that many 9 years olds dream about.

Ryan Kaji Lifestyle and Vacations


So, how does the famous Youtuber live his life?

Ryan, it appears, prefers to discuss his favorite activity on the internet when other kids his age are still playing in their rooms.

He is a goofball of happiness and loves to play around in his house with his twin sisters.

However, the Kaji Family loves to keep things private for the safety of their children.

Apparently, a lesser-known fact is that he is enrolled in the first grade at a Texas school.

However, nothing is known about his school or his group of friends.


Ryan Kaji loves a good vacation, that too with his family.

In 2019,  he took a fun cruise trip with his parents and two twin sisters.

Additionally, in 2018, he visited Japan, took a trip to Legoland Japan, and visited his grandma, whom he had not met for 12 years.

Ryan Kaji: Charity

Importantly, all of the toys he reviews are donated to charity.

Ryan’s father claimed to have bought the items shown in the films based on Ryan’s hobbies.

ryan-kaji-toy-collectionRyan Kaji Toy Collection (Source: marriedclub.com)

However, when the channel’s popularity grew, several toy companies began sponsoring videos and giving items as ads.

Moreover, Ryan’s mother revealed in an interview that they had a whole room dedicated to toys.

That’s a lot of toys!

“Most of the items we used to evaluate are being given to local charity,” according to the YouTube channel’s description.

YouTube, Television, Books, Video Games, and Endorsements


Ryan’s World is now one of YouTube’s most popular channels.

Not to mention that his videos receive millions of views, and his channel has accumulated over 40 billion views and has over 29.3 million subscribers.

Since Ryan published it in 2016, his most-viewed video has had over 2 billion views.

Ryan’s fortune is mostly based on video views.

He established a new milestone in 2019, earning an estimated $26 million from YouTube alone.

Apparently, the toy unpacking vlogs have gone viral, bringing the family a flood of merchandise, attention, and celebrity.

Between 2016 and 2017, the YouTube sensation made $11 million, making him the world’s eighth highest-paid YouTuber.

Importantly, the channel has around 22 million views each day, bringing in about $150,000 ($55 million annually). This is the revenue generated just from ads.

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Ryan’s first video, which shows him playing with a Lego train, was the beginning of what would become an online sensation.

Since its release in 2015, the video in question has received almost 50 million views.

Ryan Family Review, The Studio Space, Combo Pande, VTubers, Gus the Gummy Gator, and EK Doodles are among the other YouTube channels.

In addition to the channel, when you include subsidiary channels like Kaji Family (6.84 million) and Combo Panda, his audience is even larger (1.7 million).

There are over 1,770 videos on Ryan’s World. Here are a handful of his most popular films:

VideosViews (as of 2021)
Ryan in Giant Box Fort Maze Grandma Obby!!!!387 million
Children’s Museum Pretend Play Playground184 million
Christmas Morning 2016 Opening Presents with Ryan ToysReview175 million
Surprise Toys Giant Balloon Pop Challenge113 million

Want to know David Dobrik’s earnings?


Just when you thought the channel couldn’t grow any better, it did.

In 2019, Nickelodeon started producing a show called “Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.” 

They also have a Hulu original series and 100 self-produced children’s toys, clothing, and accessories.

On February 14, 2019, Nickelodeon announced the first 20 episodes of the program as part of their 2019 entertainment schedule.

Apparently, the sitcom got renewed for a second season of 20 episodes on April 24, 2019, increasing the total number of episodes to 40.

Additionally, the series was renewed for a third season of 20 episodes on February 24, 2020, increasing the total number of episodes to 60.

PocketWatch stated on December 16, 2020, that it had pre-sold the series to several broadcasters across the world, including e-Junior and Spacetoon in the Middle East.


Ryan also has an 8×8 storybook titled “Ryan’s World Amazing Sticker Scenes,” which is ideal for his millions of followers.

Not to forget, Ryan’s films, family, and interests are all included in this article!

Aside from that, two publications based on Ryan’s World and Ryan’s World Ultimate Guide have been produced.

Ryan Kaji’s Video Games

This youngster is the theme of a video game!

Race with Ryan is a 2019 racing video game based on the Ryan’s World YouTube channel.

race-with-ryan-nintendo-switchRace with Ryan: Nintendo Switch (Source: Nintendo. Life)

It was created by 3dClouds and released by Microsoft Windows Outright Games, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The Race With Ryan Nintendo Switch version earned a 51% average score based on four reviews signifying “mixed or average” reviews with respect to Metacritic.


Ryan’s Skechers

He’s set to have much more fun starting in July 2021. At the very least, his financial account will be in good shape.

This is because Skechers has joined the party.

ryan-kaji-skcehers-collaborationRyan Kaji’s Skechers Collaboration (Source: msn.com)

They collaborated with our boy wonder to design three different types of very amazing sneakers.

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Roblox went public in March 2021 with a $30 billion value.

Ryan is launching “Ryan’s World” on the platform, and youngsters from all around the world have participated.

On December 5, 2020, “Ryan’s World” will take on its most recent version as a virtual world on Roblox Corp’s fast-growing videogame platform.

Also, Roblox’s “Ryan’s World” will have interactive places and activities for users to compete in obstacle courses.

Characters from Ryan’s TV shows and videos will appear globally, including Red Titan, a superhero version of Ryan, and Combo Panda.

Colgate, Nickelodeon, Bonkers Toys, Roku, and Walmart were among Ryan’s other big brand partnerships, which allowed him to branch out from YouTube.

Ryan’s World goods are now available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon, with over 100 toys, apparel items, and other items.

Аwаrdѕ & Асhіеvеmеntѕ

Rуаn’s episode called “Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge” is one of the top 50 most seen videos on YouTube, with over 1.9 billion views.

Rуаn’ѕ ТоуѕRеvіеw аlоnе hаѕ оvеr 21 mіllіоn ѕubѕсrіbеrѕ.  Тhе сhаnnеl at the Тор of 100 mоѕt-ѕubѕсrіbеd YоuТubе сhаnnеlѕ іn thе Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ.

Тhе оthеr tор сhаnnеl called Rуаn’ѕ Fаmіlу Rеvіеw whісh hаѕ nеаrlу fіvе mіllіоn ѕubѕсrіbеrѕ.

Apparently, thе fаѕt-fооd сhаіn Саrl’ѕ Јr dеdісаtеd а mеаl tуре tо Rуаn.


Firstly, he discovered YouTube when he was a child. He started his profession as a content producer when he was just three years old.

Ryan ToysReview was the channel’s name at the time. Toy unboxings, demos, and reviews were posted to the channel by his family.

Moreover, Rуаn’s first video, рlауing with tоy Lеgо Duрlо Numbеr Ryan ToysRеviеw, was released on March 16, 2015.

After that Rуаn rеvеwеd an Eastеr еgg frоm thе Pixаr film Cras аnd in four months, and the video received 980 million views.

Since then, Ryаn’s TоуRеvеw has had a significant impact on the toy industry.

Rуаn’s mother, Lоаn, had to leave her teaching profession to aid Rуаn in his shооt.

Interesting Facts on Ryan Kaji

  • Kaji is just a stage name the family created to help maintain a bit of privacy, and Ryan’s nickname is actually Ryan Guan.
  • Ryan’s mother has a questionable track record. She was arrested in 2002 for stealing $93 worth of clothes from a Houston JC Penney department store.
  • After an issue with pedophiles on YouTube posting on children’s channels, the channel’s comments have been disabled to avoid breaching COPPA.

FAQs on Ryan Kaji

What was the profession of Ryan’s parents?

His father is a structural engineer, while his mother apparently resigned from her job as a high school chemistry teacher to focus solely on the channel.

Is Ryan a schoolkid?

Ryan Kaji is a typical American child who attends public school, has evening soccer, gymnastics, and swim classes, and likes spending time with his parents and younger twin sisters.

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