Cristina Cordula Amputee Accident: Malade And Health Update 2023

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Despite no evidence to support it, the Cristina Cordula amputee accident rumor has caused confusion and concern among her fans and the public.

Cristina Cordula is a Brazilian fashion model and personality best known for her work on television shows such as “New Look” and “Supernanny.” 

She has become a household name in France, where she has lived and worked for many years. However, in 2021, Cordula was involved in a serious car accident that left her with life-changing injuries. 

She has undergone multiple surgeries and has had to make significant adjustments to her daily life. 

In this article, look closely at what happened to Cristina Cordula, how she is doing now, and what the future holds for this beloved television personality.

Cristina Cordula Amputee Accident: What Happened?

There is no evidence to support the claim that Cristina Cordula’s body part has been amputated, and it seems to be a baseless rumor. 

In the post, she shares her trick to looking gorgeous in 6 seconds or less with the help of makeup artist @celinebmakeup. (Source: Instagram)

There have been no official statements from Cordula or M6, the television network she works for, regarding her health or any accident that may have occurred. 

The lack of official statements from Cordula and M6 regarding her health status and any alleged amputation has added to the confusion and speculation surrounding the situation.

It’s essential to remember that celebrities and public figures often face rumors and speculation surrounding their personal lives, particularly their health. Unfortunately, rumors can spread quickly and cause undue stress and concern for the individuals involved and their loved ones.

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In the case of Cristina Cordula, it’s crucial to wait for official statements from reliable sources before jumping to conclusions or spreading rumors. It’s also essential to respect her privacy and allow her to share any health updates on her terms.

Cristina Cordula Malade (Illness): Health Update 2023

Cristina Cordula, a former model and television host, experienced a tough time in the past when a severe case of the malade (illness) struck her. 

She took to her Instagram account to share her story with her followers, saying she was bedridden for a week and felt miserable. Despite feeling unwell, Cordula was committed to her work and returned to the set of her show, Les Reines du Shopping, to film new episodes.

However, Cordula admitted her morale was not high due to her illness. Despite this setback, she remained focused and determined to entertain her fans. 

Fortunately, Cordula reunited with Tom Sapin, her favorite makeup artist, who helped her feel more comfortable and confident in front of the cameras. 

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Cordula’s fans were delighted to see her back on screen, and her wit and charm were as captivating as ever.

Did Cristina Cordula Have Cancer?

Cristina Cordula was “struck by Cancer” after learning of her friend’s diagnosis, the designer Corinne Cobson. 

Cristina 1Cristina Cordula thanked her makeup artist Tom Sapin for making her look flawless on the set of her show despite having the flu. (Source: Instagram)

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Cordula was indirectly affected by the disease, as it had taken away someone close to her. Upon learning of Cobson’s passing, Cordula was said to have been petrified and cried a great deal.

Cordula paid tribute to her friend on Instagram, expressing her sadness and disbelief that Cobson, who she saw as full of energy and optimism, had passed away. 

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The tribute highlights Cancer’s impact on individuals and their loved ones and the importance of paying tribute to those who have been lost.

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