Paule Guillou Wikipedia And Age: Arrest and Charge Before Her Death

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People are curious to know about the full Paule Guillou Wikipedia details. Why was she arrested? Be with us till the end to know everything about her. 

Poison has long been the evil sidekick of unrequited and rival loves. The court annals are replete with dramas where the poison has been a key component.

One also considers the infamous trial of Madame Lafarge under the July Monarchy, whose guilt is always questioned, as well as the murky intrigues of the Marquise de Brinvilliers, the Marquise de Montespan, and the dark conspiracies of La Voisin.

Be with us and learn more about Paule Guillou Wikipedia and other details.

Paule Guillou Wikipedia & Age

Talking about Paule Guillou Wikipedia, she is yet to be mentioned in it. Talking about her age, she was 26 years old when she committed a crime, and she was given a life sentence. 

She got accused of forced labor in 1945 for poisoning the pharmacist she was an assistant to.

She is finally free after being pardoned but not cleared, yet, she talks about how difficult it is to truly feel free. She demands that her trial be reviewed.

Paule Guillou Wikipedia. (Source: Sud Quest)

She reflects on her 11 years in custody, her conviction, the ruling, her sentence of life in prison, and the feeling of abandonment.

The story also features a brief conversation with Paule GUILLOU’s mother, who discusses her anxiety.

Arrest and Charge Before Paule Guillou Death

In 1945, Mr. Ferlut’s pharmacy was located in Vendays-Montalivet (Gironde) in the square next to the church.

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Two pharmacy assistants helped him. Paule Guillou, a 26-year-old woman, is one of them.

After eating, the pharmacist’s wife and son experienced violent diarrhea and vomiting, and they were both taken to the Bagatelle hospital in Talence.

The boy died on December 10, 1945, as a result of his illness, after the family’s mother passed away on September 24, 1945.

The pharmacist becomes ill not long after his wife. His hands and feet are numb, and he has intestinal issues.

One of the two pharmacy technicians, Paule Guillou, was in charge of the elderly man’s diet and meal preparation during his recovery.

On December 16, 1945, the pharmacist passed away from illness six days after his son. The family passed away in a matter of days. All three bodies contained traces of arsenic.

Paule Guillou, one of the pharmacist’s two employees, was quickly taken into custody.

The person in charge of making the pharmacist’s meals is suspected of giving the Ferlut family deadly mushrooms that contain arsenic.

Paule Guillou confessed while standing permanently next to Mr. Ferlut, with whom she had a connection, then swiftly recanted, asserting her innocence.

Paule Guillou Escaped the Death Penalty

She explains that the pharmacist was extorting her when she tried to leave. She claims, “I never wanted him to die; I only wanted to make him sick.”

The inquiry will demonstrate that the confessions are consistent with the study’s findings, which indicate that the young woman used an arsenate of soda precisely three times in a row at intervals of two days.

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After a three-day trial, the young woman was found guilty of triple poisoning, even though the prosecution had sought the death penalty against her.

She was also given a life sentence for forced labor. The discrepancies between the witnesses’ statements and the lack of direct evidence of the triple crime will save him the death punishment.

Paule Guillou wikipediaPaule Guillou got accused of poisoning the pharmacist she was an assistant to. (Source: Sud Quest)

Even though she tried to deny it, her admission proved crucial in the abovementioned phrase.

Paule Guillou was pardoned on December 21, 1956, at the request of Justice Minister François Mitterrand, after serving 11 years in the Haguenau jail.

Near Bordeaux, in Bouscat, she discovers her family free but not vindicated. She will keep pushing for her trial’s revision about this case, whose integrity is still in the air.

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