Nick Hungerford Battling With Terminal Bone Cancer: Illness And Health 2023

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Nick Hungerford bone cancer battle led him to establish a charity, Elizabeth’s Smile, to support kids who have been bereaved as a result of the incurable disease.

Nick Hungerford is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Britain. He is also a co-founder of digital wealth management firm Nutmeg.

The West Country native has been battling rare bone cancer for a few years. The 43-year-old and has only two to three months to live.

But the entrepreneur is more concerned about leaving his beloved wife, Nancy, and daughter, Elizabeth, behind.

Through his initiative, Elizabeth’s Smile, Nick recounts his personal journey and his will to ensure that Elizabeth has a future free from suffering and disadvantage. 

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Nick Hungerford Bone Cancer: Illness And Health 2023

Nick Hungerford was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma in late 2019.

In December 2019, the entrepreneur went to hospital as he felt pain in his right thigh. He had some ‘nasty-looking sludge’ removed from his leg, but a month later he was still in excruciating pain.

Nick Hungerford was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma in late 2019. (Image Source: Financial Times)

An X-ray result revealed that his femur had a 5-inch (13 cm) tumor, leading to the diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma.

He underwent surgery and replaced his femur with titanium. He also underwent chemotherapy, but cancer returned at the end of 2021.

The businessman received treatment at the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

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What Is Ewing Sarcoma?

According to Mayo Clinic, Ewing sarcoma is a rare bone cancer that affects the soft tissue around the bones or the bones themselves.

Although it can happen in any bone, the cancer most frequently starts in the pelvis and leg bones. Less frequently, it begins in the limbs, chest, or abdomen soft tissues.

The disease primarily affects children and teenagers but can also affect adults.

It can cause bone discomfort, a sensitive lump or swelling, a persistently high body temperature, constant fatigue, unexpected weight loss, and weaker, more brittle bones.

The NHS calls the course of treatment ‘complex’ and notes that it typically entails a combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery to remove it.

Nick Hungerford Set Up Elizabeth’s Smile

Nick Hungerford set up a charity, Elizabeth’s Smile, to support children who have lost their parents.

Nick Hungerford Bone CancerNick Hungerford, his wife, Nancy, and their only child, Elizabeth. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

As already stated, through his initiative, the entrepreneur recounts his personal journey and his will to ensure that his daughter, Elizabeth, has a future free from suffering and disadvantage. 

Hungerford disclosed that the idea for the charity popped up in January 2022 when he and his wife, Nancy, were offered therapies to assist them in coping with the situation.

Despite evidence indicating that children suffer greatly after losing a parent and experiencing various negative outcomes, nothing was available for them.

The doting dad said, “Millions of children worldwide are affected by their parent’s demise, and I had to do something.”

Hungerford is co-running the foundation with his wife, Nancy, a former television anchor, reporter, and producer for CNBC International in Europe and Asia.

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In a heartbreaking interview with the Daily Telegraph, the businessman said: “Leaving my wife and my toddler daughter is what worries me most, not the pain or fear of death.”

“It buries me with emotion when I think of missing her first day of school and not giving a speech at her wedding.”

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