Laura Ziliani Figlia: Silvia Zani And Paola Arrested With Boyfriend Mirto Milani

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Laura Ziliani Figlia is trending after the heinous crime they have committed against their mother. Let’s look at this gut-wrenching incident that took place in Italy.

Laura Ziliani’s tragic fate unfolded in a sinister plot that resulted in life sentences for her daughters, Paola and Silvia Zani, and their lover, Mirto Milani.

The Court of Assizes of Brescia handed down the maximum penalty, acknowledging the aggravating circumstance of premeditation.

Acting in concert, the trio meticulously planned and executed the crime, leading to life imprisonment and six months of daytime solitary confinement.

It’s really sad and troubling when we hear about daughters murdering their own mothers.

Such events make us deeply upset and force us to think about the difficult and upsetting aspects of life and family relationships.

It’s a reminder that there are serious challenges within our society that need to be addressed. Now, let’s read about this whole incident in more detail. 

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Laura Ziliani Figlia: Who Is Her Daughter?

Laura Ziliani, the policewoman, was the mother of two daughters- Paola Zani and Silvia Zani. Ziliani met a tragic fate as she was killed by none other than her own daughters.

The lifeless body of Ziliani was discovered, and subsequently, her two daughters and her boyfriend were sentenced to life imprisonment for their involvement in her murder.

The severity of the crime resulted in the court imposing the maximum sentence on all three defendants.

The two daughters of Laura Ziliani, Silvia and Paolo, murdered her, drawing inspiration from a TV serial (Source: Corriere dela Sera)

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The murder, disturbingly reminiscent of a TV series, involved the victim being incapacitated with a muffin laced with benzodiazepines before being strangled.

To illustrate, Silvia and Mirto took turns in this heinous act, while Paola played a crucial role in restraining the victim.

The body was discreetly buried near the Oglio River, only to resurface three months later due to a flood, exposing the now unrecognizable corpse of Laura Ziliani.

Shockingly, confessions were only made three months after the arrest when Mirto realized that his disclosures to a cellmate had transformed into incriminating evidence.

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Silvia Zani And Paola Arrested With Boyfriend Mirto Milani

The Assize court of Brescia sentenced Paola Zani, Silvia Zani, and Mirto Milani to life imprisonment for the murder of Laura Ziliani, mother of the two accused women.

Laura Ziliani disappeared on May 8, 2021, and was found lifeless in August.

As per the prosecution, the motive behind the crime was economic, with the suspects aiming to replace the victim in the administration of a significant real estate asset.

The court accepted the prosecutor’s assertion that all three were equally responsible for the murder. Laura Ziliani was reportedly drugged, suffocated, and then buried.

The daughters’ chilling narrative unfolded a macabre plan inspired by a television series, emphasizing a desire for a swift and painless demise for the victim.

Laura Ziliani FigliaLaura Ziliani was reportedly drugged, suffocated, and then buried by her daughters and their boyfriend (Source: BresciaToday)

As the verdict reverberated through the courtroom, the trio remained stoic, exiting without displaying any emotion.

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The judges aligned with the prosecutor’s plea for life imprisonment for all, underscoring the collective responsibility of the cohesive group.

The sentence mandated an immediately enforceable provisional sum of 200 thousand euros for the disabled sister of the defendants.

In addition to other compensations, specific financial provisions were made for the family affected by the tragedy.

An amount of 100 thousand euros was allocated for the elderly mother of the former policewoman, who also happens to be the grandmother of the accused individuals.

Furthermore, each of the two brothers of the deceased woman was granted 50 thousand euros.

These compensations likely aimed to offer financial support and acknowledge the emotional toll on various family members of the victim.

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