Esther Wang Parents: Where Are They From? Missing Hiker Health Update

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Get insights on Esther Wang parents after the missing teen survives 50 hours alone in the Canadian wilderness. Also get updates on the missing hiker’s health.

Esther Wang, 16, was on a youth group outing at one of British Columbia’s biggest parks, Golden Ears Park, on Tuesday when she became separated from her group.

Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue and numerous volunteers searched the 62,000+ acre mountainous terrain.

Wang spent three days surviving on food she had rationed before finding her way out of the forest.

Before finding a route out of the park, Wang spent the night on a log and subsisted on rationed food. She miraculously found her parents on Thursday night at around 9 o’clock.

Esther Wang Parents: Where Are They From?

Esther Wang has not mentioned the identity of her parents. Additionally, Esther’s parents’ professional life is also a mystery at this time.

The Wang family currently resides in Langley. Since the identity of her parents is unknown, it is hard to determine her ethnicity.  

They are currently making headlines after their daughter went missing from a hiking trip in the wilderness of Canadian Woods. On Thursday at 9:30 pm, Wang walked out of the jungle.

Tuesday, on a trip, 16-year-old Wang became separated from her group of friends on the East Canyon Trail. (Source: Daily Mail)

Authorities observed that the teen’s parents, who had traveled from Vancouver after hearing the news, were the first to see her. Mehat described her as being “very exhausted.”

The search and rescue teams and other first responders have received heartfelt thanks from her family. They have asked for privacy now and are really grateful for the outcome.

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Wildlife like bears, cougars, and deer can threaten park visitors who are unprepared or unaware of their surroundings. The park is also home to these animals.

The search was being led by Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue, who stated that they stopped on Thursday night at 8:30 pm.

Wang’s survival, according to Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue team manager Ryan Smith, is fantastic news.

He remarked, “I mean, she’s obviously a really determined young lady. Smith pointed out that Wang was physically fit and that the weather probably helped her survive.

The steep terrain and dense woodland in the search location “clearly hampered the search efforts. There is a dense forest canopy overhead, which once more restricts the usage of our aircraft and drones.

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Missing Hiker Esther Wang Health Update

Esther Wang is alive and well in 2023. She was lost on a camping trip in Golden Ears Park but successfully walked out of the bush 54 hours later. 

According to authorities, Wang, a cadet with 746 Lightning Hawk, only received mosquito bites and no other injuries. BC Ambulance examined her on the spot before being quickly released to her family.

Esther Wang ParentsEsther Wang was last seen Thursday night after leaving Golden Ears Provincial Park after being stranded for over 54 hours. (Source: CBC News)

The Langley teen recounts what transpired when she went camping in Golden Ears Park last week and spent more than two days getting lost in the underbrush.

Esther claims in a letter that was made public online that she began the hike on June 27 with four other members of a youth club.

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“We started from our campsite at North Beach, and we used the East-West Canyon Connector to access the Golden Ears trail,” Wang writes in the letter.

Wang claims that the trail’s difficulty caused her to lose track of where the other hikers in her group were going.

“I was totally focused on following the trail directly in front of me, so I failed to notice when the group took a turn somewhere down the trail at one point.”

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