Zachary Latham Stabbing Video Reddit Gone Viral: Trial And Verdict

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What is Zachary Latham stabbing video reddit? The topic of the boy-stabbing case is going, and here’s everything about it.

Zachary Latham is a social media influencer. When he began posting videos of heated fights with his neighbors, no one could have imagined it would end in a horrific tragedy. 

Latham lived with his grandparents in Vineland, New Jersey, in 2020, when the conflicts began. He’d been emancipated at only 17 years old and married. He also served as a private in the New Jersey National Guard.

He started uploading TikTok videos with almost 39k followers, which first started the issues between him and his neighbors who live several houses down from him. Likewise, Latham owned a few expensive cars and posted them on social media.

Zachary Latham Stabbing Video Reddit Gone Viral

Zachary Latham is a social media influencer indicted of murdering his neighbor after a series of aggressive online videos concluded in a man’s death.

As mentioned above, Latham owned some cars and used to share videos on social media revving the cars and making loud noises. In a recorded exchange that Zachary posted to TikTok, Catherine Durham, a neighbor, encountered him over his speeding on April 6, 2020. 

Zachary Latham stabbing video is all over the internet. ( Source: New York Post )

The video of the confrontation with Catherine was Latham’s popular video on TikTok and gained over 3 million views in days. Meanwhile, he began sharing the video and encouraged his followers to drive to the neighborhood to harass Zachary’s neighbors.

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On May 4, 2020, Police said that Zachary was driving through the neighborhood when he shifted his vehicle toward Gage, who was on a bike and intended to run him down. Catherine confronted him, and Catherine alleged that she was given a black eye. However, Latham was not charged in the incident.

The entire Durham family, who were unarmed, then went to Latham’s House to confront him. Detectives said that Zachary emerged from his home with knives and a stun gun, as Zachary’s wife recorded the altercation with a cellphone.

The altercation started outside and continued into the garage, where Timmy Durham was killed. The stabbing video also goes viral on Reddit and other social media platforms.

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Zachary Latham Trial And Verdict Update

Zachary Latham is charged with second-degree manslaughter, aggravated assault and weapons charges in killing William “Timmy” Durham Sr. 

As said earlier, the conflict began when the Durhams indicted Latham of driving recklessly, which Latham documented on social media. 

trialA moment captured from Zachary Latham’s trial video. ( Source: YouTube )

Lawyers for the Durham family argued that Zachary lured Durham into a fatal conflict to gain TikTok fame.

While Zachary claimed self-defense, the family’s lawyers unsuccessfully sought a murder charge. Catherine Durham and the duo’s two sons were also charged in the incident. 

After several weeks of testimony, the jury reached a verdict, and the trial also dragged the eyes of many. More details about this case will be updated soon.

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Who Is Zachary Latham Wife?

Zachary Latham’s wife is Sarah Latham. When the deadly incident happened between Zachary and his neighbor, Sarah documented it. 

Zachary Latham WifeZachary Latham is married to his wife, Sarah Latham. ( Source: TikTok )

Due to that, his wife also gained widespread recognition. They got married at a young age but did not have kids.

Zachary Latham Was Acquitted: He Was Found Not Guilty

As noted by NJ, Zachary Latham was found not guilty. Yes, he was acquitted. 

As you already know, Latham was arrested for the murder of William T. Durham Sr. He was killed in 2020. William lost his life after a long quarrel between the Latham and the Durham family.

After lots of up and down and following a three-week-long trial, a jury delivered not-guilty verdicts on all charges to Latham. Thus, he is free from the second-degree reckless manslaughter charge and other related charges.

After the juries made their decision, Superior Court Judge Cristen P. D’Arrigo shared some words. As per the Judge,

“There are no winners here. Mr. Latham, you were successful in your defense, but you still have to live with the events of those days and the consequences of it.” 

Further, Judge Cristen added, 

“There’s little solace, I know, for the members of the family, but this is our judicial system and this is how it works. There are no winners, it’s all losers. But this is a good judicial system and this is the way it’s supposed to work.”

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