Who Was Sir Antonio Brown? 6-Year-Old Shot To Death- Case Update

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Who Was Sir Antonio Brown: Sir Antonio Brown was a six-year-old guy who was fatally shot and killed outside his home. After his death, his entire community is devastated. 

Sir’Antonio Brown was a little guy who was happily playing outside his home in Kansas City, Kansas, on 3rd May 2023, just like how he used to do most after his kindergarten class finished. 

His family members were having a casual time in the backyard, according to his great-aunt Shawna Davis-Scott. But at around 6 p.m., at that time, Sir Antonio’s family heard gunshots noise near their house on Greeley Avenue, 3100 blocks.

The family was having a good time in the yard, his great-aunt Shawna Davis-Scott said. But around 6 p.m., they heard gunshots near their home in the 3100 block of Greeley Avenue. 

As per Sir Antonio Brown’s aunt, the gunshots were multiple and they don’t even recognize how many rounds was it when they heard it. According to several witnesses, three men putting masks on had exited a car down the block.

Shawna Davis-Scott saw her niece who was just 6-year-olds lying down on the ground and he was immediately rushed to the hospital. After severe internal injuries, the little guy was pronounced dead at the scene. 

This incident occurred on Wednesday and it has raised serious questions regarding child’s safety around the world. Brown’s entire family members and parents are heartbroken because of his death, and people are keeping up with the case’s updates.

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Who Was Sir Antonio Brown? 6-Year-Old Shot To Death

Sir Antonio Brown was a kind, young guy who loved his family. As per his aunt, Brown loved his family. She stated, “One thing that he always inquired about was those that were most important to him every single day as if we were doing fine and OK.

Down to his mother, his grandmother, his aunties, his sisters, his cousins, his uncles, — Sir Antonio Brown felt like he was the protector.”

Along with eating, he also enjoyed karate, the rush of riding a bike, and the pleasure of going to two adjacent homes of relatives to eat tacos or other dishes.

Sir Antonio Brown with his cousin. (Source: Kansas City)

Unfortunately, he was brutally shot and killed in the front yard of a house in Kansas by one or more shooters, according to investigators. It doesn’t seem like the attack in Kansas City, Kansas, on Wednesday evening while it was still daylight, was a “random act,” according to police Maj. Violeta Magee.

Sir was enrolled in kindergarten at West Park Elementary School just a few hours before the fatal shooting, according to the station.

His teacher Amanda Mynatt stated that “Brown always had something stupid or funny to say. I urged him to remain still yesterday. Instead of continuing to sit motionless, he began to pretend to sleepwalk.

Sir Antonio Brown was a jokester and also very intelligent. He also had numerous friends.”

Sir Antonio Brown Case Update

The young boy was found hurt in the front yard by the police. He was transferred to a hospital and later declared deceased, according to police officials.

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According to George Sims, Police Deputy Chief, ” Somebody knows who did this. Don’t take offense. Avoid confronting them. Don’t give them cover. Call TIPS. Call the police officials so that we can investigate more, wrap up this case quickly, and hold these shooters accountable.”

Furthermore, at the location, police discovered around 30 shot casings. According to KCTV, they found the maroon Subaru Legacy that had the missing front bumper that they were searching for in relation to the attack.

Police haven’t indicated if they believe more than one individual was involved in the assault or whether the youngster or the adult he was with was the intended target.

Who Was Sir Antonio BrownSir Antonio Brown’s shooter is yet to be identified. (Source: Kansas City)

Phone calls and emails to the police Thursday asking for more information did not immediately receive a response.

Overall, while the investigation is still ongoing, Sir Antonio Brown’s entire family is seeking justice and wants to find out who the masked individuals were who brutally shot the little guy. 

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