Who Is Nutter On Tiktok? Real Name And Identity- Why He Was Arrested?

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In the recent news of TikToker Nutter being arrested, netizens wonder about his identity. Who is Nutter? Let’s find out. 

TikTok user Nutter has been arrested in Pakistan by the Kashmir Police. The news of his arrest is trending on social media platforms, including TikTok and Twitter.

Pakistani viewers have complained about the misdeeds of the famous social media star Amber Azam, famously known as Nutter, on TikTok.

He is charged with spreading vulgarity through his live streams on TikTok. Pakistani Police have charged him with the Cyber Act Crime in a Kashmir jail.

Who Is Nutter On Tiktok?

Nutter is a disgraced Pakistani TikTok user recently arrested in Dadyal, Kashmir, by the Kashmir Police. 

The arrest of the infamous TikTok user Nutter has taken Pakistani social media by storm, as Twitter and TikTok are filled with comments on the arrest.

Following the arrest, many people from Pakistan have uploaded their reactions on their social media accounts.

People are reacting with happiness that Nutter has been arrested. (Source: TikTok)

The Pakistani TikTok celebrity Nutter has recently been arrested by the Kashmir Police in Dadyal. 

The news has been viewed chiefly positively, as it seems that Nutter had a wrong impression of the Pakistani people. 

People often criticize Nutter for promoting vulgarity on his social media account. He would often go live on TikTok and speak and show vulgar content to viewers.

On top of that, Nutter was accused of spreading misogynistic comments and speaking about women degradingly, often to viewers’ dismay.

However, after many complaints against him by the viewers of his live streams, Pakistani Police finally took action against Nutter and apprehended him.

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It is to be seen whether Nutter will get released by Police or be charged further. His TikTok account seems to have already been banned or deactivated.

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Nutter Real Name And Identity- Why He Was Arrested?

Nutter’s real name is Amber Azam, Pakistani by nationality.

The TikTok star is famously known by his username, @onlynutters, which had over 18K followers and 263K likes.

However, Nutter was recently arrested in Pakistan for spreading vulgarity via his TikTok Live. 

nutter nutterNutter had over 18K followers on TikTok. (Source: TikTok)

Since his arrest, the disgraced social media star Nutter has been a subject of mockery among Pakistani youths. 

Everyone is supporting the arrest and raising their voices against the infamous social media icon.

He is reportedly being charged with Cyber Act Crime by the Kashmir Police and is currently in jail. 

There is not much information regarding whether or not the disgraced Pakistani social media influencer has been freed.

A picture of Nutter being arrested by a Police officer is going viral on social media platforms, including Twitter and TikTok. 

In the picture, Nutter is handcuffed by an official wearing a Red jacket uniform. The TikTok star is seen wearing a grey kurta and looking at the camera.

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