Who Is NG Kok Song Wife To Be Ms Sybil Lau? Age Gap And Engagement

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NG Kok Song wife to be Ms Sybil Lau information will be added here in this article. Follow to learn in detail.

Ng Kok Song is a prominent figure in Singapore’s financial sector.

He is best known for his previous role as the chief investment officer at Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, GIC (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation).

Ng Kok Song joined GIC in 1986 and became its chief investment officer in 2007, leading the fund through various economic crises. He retired from GIC in 2013 after 27 years of service.

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Who Is NG Kok Song Wife To Be Ms Sybil Lau?

Ng Kok Song’s fiancée is Ms Sybil Lau, a Singaporean citizen who was born in Canada.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is 45 years old and has been managing her family’s wealth since 2009.

Sybil Lau graduated from Simon Fraser University and previously worked as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs.

She is the chairman of her family’s wealth management and sits on several boards.

Notably, Sybil Lau is an independent director of WELL Health Technologies Corp, Canada’s leading outpatient clinic operator.

Sybil Lau: Independent Director at Canada’s WELL Health Technologies Corp. (Image Source: CNA)

She is also a member of the board of Ray Dalio’s family office in Singapore and serves on the board of SG Enable, the focal agency for disability in Singapore.

Her involvement in these organizations reflects her diverse interests and commitment to various sectors.

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Passionate about philanthropy, Sybil Lau actively advises large Asian family offices on philanthropic endeavors.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, she has provided last-mile funding for projects and volunteered in food distribution and community groups.

Her dedication to social causes highlights her desire to impact society positively.

According to reports, Sybil Lau has known Ng Kok Song, a widower, for approximately four years. 

Kok Song’s late wife passed away in 2005, leaving behind three children.

Despite their 30-year age gap, Ng Kok Song and Sybil Lau felt they were a match and received blessings from Ng Kok Song’s children.

Ng Kok Song and Ms Sybil Lau have a significant age gap of 30 years. Ng Kok Song is 75 years old, while Sybil Lau is 45 years old.

Despite the age difference, the couple believes they are compatible and have received the blessings of Ng Kok Song’s children.

NG Kok Song WifeNg Kok Song, 75, and Sybil Lau, 45, have a 30-year age gap. (Image Source: The Straits Times) 

While such an age gap may raise eyebrows for some,  Kok Song and Sybil’s relationship is based on mutual understanding and shared values.

Their connection likely stems from their common experiences in the financial industry, with Kok Song’s illustrious career at GIC and Sybil Lau’s background as a financial analyst.

NG Kok Song And Ms Sybil Lau Engagement

Ng Kok Song, 75, and Sybil Lau, 45, announced their engagement. The couple, who has known each other for about four years, has decided to take the next step in their relationship.

The engagement had been planned earlier, but it was postponed for three years due to the passing of Sybil’s mother in 2021, in adherence to Chinese customs.

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NG Kok Song WifeAfter four years, Ng Kok Song and Sybil Lau decided to progress their relationship. (Image Source: Must Share News)

This engagement marks a significant milestone for  Kok Song and Lau as they look forward to building a future together.

Ng Kok Song and Sybil Lau’s relationship appears to be built on these foundations as they navigate their personal and professional lives together.

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