Who Is Luigi Cozzo, Franco Cozzo Son? Wikipedia Age And Arrest Charge

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Franco Cozzo Son is Luigi Cozzo. Their names have prominently gained widespread attention after the father’s passing.

Franco Cozzo recently died on December 20, 2023. He was an Italian-Australian furniture retailer who became famous and iconic in Melbourne, Australia. 

Born in Italy on October 2, 1936, Cozzo immigrated to Australia in the 1950s. He gained popularity in Melbourne for his distinctive style and memorable advertising campaigns.

Cozzo’s furniture stores, characterized by their unique designs, became landmarks, and he slowly established himself as a prominent figure in the furniture business.

Those extravagant pieces often blended traditional Italian and modern styles, and Cozzo became known for his flamboyant personality.

His catchphrase “Grand Sale, Grand Sale, Grand Sale” became synonymous with his brand.

Cozzo’s role in Australian television, especially as the producer of Australia’s first non-English TV show, Carosello, underscores his significance beyond furniture retail.

With his sudden demise, people are now attracted to knowing his career trajectory and family aspects. Let’s get to that. 

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Who Is Luigi Cozzo, Franco Cozzo Son?

Luigi Cozzo, the son of Franco Cozzo, gained notoriety in the 1990s when he was convicted of drug trafficking. 

Luigi imported drugs by hiding them in his father’s furniture shipments. This revelation even created a backlash on Franco’s business for a while.

Cozzo spent his childhood in Sicily, where his father worked as a horse trader. Tragedy struck at the age of 12 when his younger sister passed away from a heart attack.

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Franco Cozzo’s son Luigi faced legal trouble in 1992 when he was imprisoned for drug trafficking (Source: Herald Sun)

Upon migrating to Australia in January 1956, Cozzo began his journey as a door-to-door salesman.

Facing language barriers, he adapted by identifying the homes of fellow Italians, Greeks, and other ethnic communities.

This was especially relevant as Australia had relaxed the post-war White Australia policy, which had previously restricted immigration from non-British Isles backgrounds.

Over the years, Franco’s stores, with their eye-catching signage and unique furniture offerings, became cultural symbols in Melbourne.

Despite occasional financial challenges, Cozzo maintained a loyal customer base and became a recognizable figure in the community.

In the 1980s, Cozzo divorced his first wife and later remarried, expanding his family with his second wife.

He passed away on December 20, 2023, at the age of 87, leaving behind his wife and children.

His legacy will definitely live on even after his death, not only through the furniture stores that bear his name but also in the memories of the many Melburnians.

Luigi Cozzo: Wikipedia Age And Arrest Charge

Unlike his father, Luigi Cozzo does not have a Wikipedia page, and his age has also not been disclosed on the Internet.

The son of Franco Cozzo faced legal trouble in 1992 when he was imprisoned for drug trafficking.

Luigi, also known as ‘Lou’ Cozzo, had been involved in importing drugs by concealing them within his father’s furniture shipments.

However, as of December 2016, Luigi appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, where prosecutors dropped all charges against him.

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Franco Cozzo SonLuigi Cozzo does not have a Wikipedia page, and his information has been kept very limited (Source: Broadsheet)

Earlier, court documents had accused him of threatening to kill his father on April 22.

The court case had unfolded after allegations were made that Luigi had threatened his father.

The legal developments marked a significant turn of events for the son of Franco Cozzo.

Furthermore, in a different legal context, it was revealed that Luigi Cozzo had struggled with heavy cocaine use.

This reportedly occurred after his father separated from his mother and started a new family, fathering three children with a woman 20 years his junior.

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