Who Is Alsom Pereira da Silva? Leona Cavalli Father- The King Of TV Cast Mother And Silbings

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Through this article, let’s get to know more about actress Leona Cavalli Father, Alsom Pereira da Silva who is a politician by profession.

Leona Cavalli is a Brazilian actress. She was born on 6th November 1969 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Cavalli began her acting career in theater and later moved on to television and film.

She has appeared in numerous Brazilian TV shows and movies, including The King of TV, Agua dos Porcos, Orphans of a Nation, Apocalypse, Total Dreamer, Gabriela, The Life We Lead, Destiny River, Two Faces, Amazonia, A Starry Sky, Atraves da Janela, Normal People, and What Is It Worth? 

Throughout her career, Leona has been recognized for her talent and received several awards and nominations.

The actress was also featured on the cover of the October 2012 magazine, Brazilian Playboy. She is a bold, strong-headed, and charming personality who has inspired many people to follow their dreams.

Now, via this article, let’s get to know more about her personal life, including her parents and siblings.

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Who Is Alsom Pereira da Silva? Leona Cavalli Father

Leona Cavalli’s father, Alsom Pereira da Silva, is a politician who has been the mayor of his town two times. 

Her father was born on October 11th, 1940 in Rosario Do Sul. His party name is republicans and he has been working selflessly for several years for the betterment of his society.

Leona Cavalli’s father, Alsom Pereira da Silva has been the mayor of his town twice. (Source: Gazeta de Rosario)

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The mayor, Alsom Pereira da Silva, in 2016 revealed that he had given his letter of disaffiliation from the Progressive Party (PP) to the Electoral Court and municipal council after 48 years of membership.

He stated that “the time has arrived when, for some reason, we can be led to transformation what we never thought of doing” in an interview with the Rosario press. “I’ve decided that a review is necessary,” he declared.

Furthermore, Leona Cavalli’s father is also a lawyer and she takes a lot of inspiration from her dad.

Alsom shares a successful professional life, and an equally thriving personal life. He is someone who wholeheartedly embraces fatherhood and is proud of his daughter’s professional achievements.

The King Of TV Cast Leona Cavalli Mother And Silbings

The King of the TV cast comes from a loving and supportive household. Her mother, Sirley Nobre Canedo supported and pushed her during her early days unconditionally.

While Leona’s father is a politician, her mom is a teacher. She has been teaching for several years.

Leona Cavalli FatherLeona Cavalli shares a successful and thriving professional career. (Source: Instagram)

Leona is a loving daughter to her parents and she is equally kind and giving sister to her two siblings. 

Her siblings are Alleysom da Silva, Aneslise da Silva, and Brenda da Silva. All of them share a tight-knit bond and are thriving in their respective careers. 

A Look At Leona Cavalli’s Professional Career

The Brazilian actress began her professional career in 1996 with the movie A Starry Sky.

Then, Leona featured in two acting projects in 1997 and 2000, O Trabalho dos Homens, and Atraves da Janela respectively.

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She made her on-screen TV debut with Normal People in 2002 as Luna. Then the actress went on to feature in several other TV series such as The king of TV, Orphans of a Nation, Apocalypse, Total Dreamer, Trail of Lies, Gabriela, and The Cariocas, to name a few.

Likewise, some of her movie projects include As Doze Estrelas, Antonia, Carandiru, Olga, and A Starry Sky, to name some.

Apart from being an acting figure, Leona is also a stage director. 

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