Who Are Jordan Stolz Parents Dirk And Jan Stolz? American Speed Skater Family And Net Worth

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Jordan Stolz represents the United States in speed skating in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, and his sacrifices to get there are nothing short of remarkable. Who Are Jordan Stolz parents, Dirk and Jane Stolz?

A rising star in the sport of speed skating is Jordan Stolz, a young American who was born in May 2004.

At the 2021–2022 ISU Speed Skating World Cup in Salt Lake City, where he made his international debut, Stolz set the junior world record and the American record in the 500 meters with a time of 34.11.

With a speed of 1:07.62, he also broke the junior world record for 1,000 meters. He became well-known thanks to this outstanding performance, which increased hopes for his future.

Stolz established his domination at the 2023 World Junior Speed Skating Championships by winning five gold and two bronze medals, making him the overall World Junior Speed Skating champion.

Who Are Jordan Stolz Parents Dirk And Jan Stolz?

Jordan Stolz parents are working-class people. Like any other middle-class parent, their only wish is to fulfill their child’s dream and see them succeed.

Jordan’s mother, Jane Stolz, is a dental hygienist by profession. Similarly, his father, Dirk Stolz, is a police officer. Jordan’s fascination with skating since he was five years old has always been something he constantly encouraged.

Jane and Dirk have a daughter, Hannah Stolz, who is one year older than him. Just like him, Hannah is also obsessed with skating. According to Jordan Stolz parents, she learned to skate faster than Jordan.

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Jordan Stolz’s parents react to their son’s historic and record-breaking performance (Source: YouTube)

Where Jordan was whining about the ice being too slippery, Hannah was skating like a pro. Dirk spent hours skating laps in the driveway after purchasing a pair of inline skates for little Jordan at a rummage sale.

In addition, Dirk installed external lighting in the pool over his wife’s objections out of concern about accidents. Jane and her husband Dirk’s taxidermy company partially covers Jordan’s speedskating expenses.

Every summer, the family travels to Alaska to fish for halibut and salmon, moose hunt, and transport everything back to Wisconsin to feed Jordan’s growing appetite. The family also used to own a deer and elk farm.

Jordan Stolz parents have even changed their schedule and taken some extra jobs to help him with his career. Jan works a part-time job to support himself while attending school. Also, Dirk started working the third shift to continue driving Jordan to practice each day.

They think that in order to make things work, parents and family members must be willing to make sacrifices similar to those made by sportsmen.

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Jordan Stolz Net worth

Jordan Stolz has accumulated whopping $250 thousand as of 2023. He earned it by winning prizes and participating in the Olympics and other national games.

An 18-year-old from Wisconsin, Stolz perfected his skating skills on the pond beside his family’s home. Jordan, like many others, became interested in the sport after witnessing Apolo Anton Ohno rip around the short track at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

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A recent growth spurt, along with the approximately 30 pounds of muscle he gained from weightlifting and riding.

He is as calm as a cucumber throughout his games or in any setting. He feels no pressure because it doesn’t matter what occurs. He only wants to gain some valuable experience.

Jordan Stolz Parents18-year-old Jordan Stolz takes gold at 500 meters and is the youngest world champion ever (Source: Netherlands Posts)

Jorda Stolz parents have encouraged him to have a plan B in case of accidents or other unfortunate events, but skating has been his life goal.

He has already participated in his first Olympic game in 2022 and won the World cup. Olympic trials went well, with two new track records set and a strong outlook heading into Beijing.

He became the first man speed skater to win three individual gold medals at the World Single Distance Championships. On the last day of the four-day championships at Heerenveen, Netherlands, he won the 1500m.

Stolz won the 500m on March 3, 2023, becoming the world’s youngest gold medallist since the global single distances championships began in 1996. He won the 1000m on March 4, 2023. He skated the second-fastest times in history at sea level at 500m and 1000m.

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