Who Are Alexander Hodge Parents Sarah And Charles Hodge? Family Ethnicity

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Who Are Alexander Hodge Parents Sarah And Charles Hodge? Between 1878 through 1886, American Presbyterian leader Hodge served as Princeton Seminary’s headmaster.

Hodge’s capacity for thought set him apart from other theologians. He possessed an exceptionally sharp mind, and although he never declared himself a metaphysician, he was inherently one.

He adhered to the Reformed confessions’ theology. He shared his Father’s contention that he had taught and written nothing new at the end of his life in that he had no distinctive beliefs or odd ways of structuring theological dogmas.

He was autonomous and devout, even though he taught the same doctrine as his Father before him.

He wrote significant entries for the Schaff-Herzog, McClintock, and Johnson encyclopedias. He was a founding member of the Presbyterian Review and a regular contributor to its pages.

Let’s dive deep into this article to know more about Alexander Hodge Parents Sarah And Charles Hodge, and his other personal information. 

Who Are Alexander Hodge Parents Sarah And Charles Hodge?

Alexander Hodge Parents are Sarah And Charles Hodge.

Charles and Sarah Hodge welcomed him in Princeton, New Jersey, on July 18, 1823. He was named Archibald Alexander in honor of Charles’ role model and the founding president of Princeton Seminary.

Hodge studied at Princeton Theological Seminary from 1847 to 1841 after enrolling at the College of New Jersey (later known as Princeton University).

Between 1851 through 1878, Reformed Presbyterian theologian Charles Hodge served as Princeton Theological Seminary’s president.

In America throughout the 19th century, he was a vital proponent of Princeton Theology, an established Calvinist theological tradition.

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Alexander Hodge Parents are Charles and Sarah Hodge. (Source: Internet)

He made a compelling case for the Bible’s status as the inspired word of God. In the 20th century, Fundamentalists and Evangelicals embraced many of his beliefs.

Charles Hodge married Alexander’s mother, Sarah Bache, Benjamin Franklin’s great-granddaughter, in the same year because he was financially secure.

Along with Robert Baird and Archibald Alexander, Hodge contributed to founding the Chi Phi Society in 1824.

To translate the most recent scholarly works on the Bible from Europe, he established the quarterly Biblical Repertory in 1825.

Family And Ethnicity of Alexandar Hodge

The young Hodge had the immeasurable fortune of being raised in the family of Presbyterianism’s most excellent biblical scholar and theologian in the middle of the nineteenth century in America.

He was born and raised in the pleasant and intellectually stimulating atmosphere of Princeton, New Jersey.

On June 18, he married Elizabeth Bent Holliday, and on June 19, they set off for Allahabad, India, the location of their service area.

However, he and his wife were forced to return to the United States with their two children in 1850 due to illnesses they both got while serving on the battlefield.

Even though he had only served briefly, he had substantially contributed to the mission in Allahabad by bringing disparate forces together and acting as a unifying force.

Alexander Hodge ParentsAlexander Hodge . (Source: Internet)

More significant was how his time spent in the mission field deepened his commitment to the cause, helped him understand missionary challenges, and sparked a lifelong interest in international work that made him a reliable resource for any of his students considering a future as a missionary.

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He agreed to an invitation in 1864 to Western Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to hold the chair of systematic theology.

He remained there until 1877 when he was invited to Princeton to work as his father Charles Hodge’s assistant in the prestigious chair of systematic theology.

In 1878, he assumed all of the duties associated with the chair of systematic theology. He passed away at Princeton, New Jersey, on November 12, 1886, due to “a severe cold that settled in his kidneys.”

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