Where Is Jesse Beyer Going After Leaving Global Weather? New Job And Salary

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Find out where is Jesse Beyer going next after leaving global weather. Stay updated about his new job and salary. 

Beyer is a well-known meteorologist who has served as the Chief Meteorologist for Global News in Edmonton, Alberta.

He has provided radio forecasts on 630CHED and Global News Radio 880 Edmonton. Jesse has been recognized for his expertise and contributions to meteorology.

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Where Is Jesse Beyer Going After Leaving Global Weather?

Jesse Beyer, who has served as the chief meteorologist for Global News Edmonton for the past eight years, recently announced his departure from the network.

While this news may surprise his viewers, Beyer said he is not leaving the broadcasting industry entirely.

Instead, he is embarking on a new professional venture within Corus Entertainment, the parent company of Global News.

Although his role in sales and revenue at Corus Entertainment has yet to be revealed, Beyer expressed his gratitude to the viewers who have welcomed him into their homes over the years.

He acknowledged the significance of his daily presence on their screens and promised to provide further details about his career transition in the coming days.

Longtime Global News Edmonton chief meteorologist Jesse Beyer departs the network. (Image Source: Facebook)

During his tenure as chief meteorologist, Beyer has been responsible for delivering comprehensive weather forecasts on various Global News programs, including Global News at Noon, Global News at 5, and Global News Hour at 6.

His expertise and insights have been instrumental in keeping the community informed about local, provincial, and national weather patterns.

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In addition to his television appearances, Beyer contributed to radio forecasts on 630CHED and Global News Radio 880 Edmonton.

Through these platforms, he has played a vital role in ensuring that the public remains well-informed about weather conditions and any potential impact on their daily lives.

As Beyer bids farewell to his role as the face of Global News Edmonton’s weather team, his departure marks the end of an era for viewers who have grown accustomed to his informative and engaging presentations.

However, his transition to a new role within Corus Entertainment offers an exciting growth and professional development opportunity.

It remains to be seen how his experience and expertise as a meteorologist will intertwine with his new responsibilities in sales and revenue, but his contributions to the broadcasting industry are sure to continue leaving a lasting impact.

Jesse Beyer New Job And Salary

While the exact salary of Beyer’s new job with Corus Entertainment has not been publicly disclosed, it is worth noting that during his time as a chief meteorologist with Global News, he reportedly earned around $200,000 annually, according to various sources.

Given his experience and expertise in the field, it is possible that his new role may come with a higher salary.

Moving forward, with his transition to a sales and revenue position within Corus Entertainment, Beyer’s income sources may differ.

While the specifics of his new role have yet to be revealed, it is reasonable to speculate that his earnings could surpass his previous salary.

Sales and revenue roles often come with incentives and commission structures that can contribute to a higher overall income.

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Where Is Jesse Beyer GoingJesse Beyer is experiencing a highly successful and flourishing phase in his career. (Image Source: Twitter)

Additionally, Corus Entertainment, the parent company of Global News, suggests potential opportunities for growth and advancement within the organization.

Once official information regarding Beyer’s new job salary is disclosed, it remains to be seen precisely how his income will be affected by this career move.

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