What Illness Does Tom Have In Ginny And Georgia? Family And Net Worth

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What Illness Does Tom Have in Ginny and Georgia, people wonder? The most surprising development in Ginny & Georgia season 2 is what happens to Tom Fuller.

Ginny & Georgia is a Netflix-exclusive American comedy-drama television series that Sarah Lampert produced.

We discovered early on in Season 2 that Tom, Cynthia’s husband, was practically in a coma and on the verge of death.

Cynthia and her son suffered greatly from the uncertainty of his future and the pain of living with him in that unrecognizable state.

At the same time, he was hooked up to life support machinery in a bed in Cynthia’s living room.

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What Illness Does Tom Have In Ginny And Georgia? 

Ginny & Georgia’s second season opens with the revelation that Cynthia’s husband, Tom, is ill and unconscious. The nature of his ailment has yet to be made known, though.

So, what illness does Tom have in Ginny and Georgia? It is still unanswered.

Doctors have also predicted that Tom will unlikely recover from his sickness or awaken. In light of this, Cynthia spends a significant portion of Ginny & Georgia season 2 in a state of sadness. It, therefore, appears strange that Cynthia and Georgia should become friends in the midst of this.

But before long, Tom is embroiled in one of the show’s most disturbing stories, which revolves around Georgia.

Even though they don’t become great friends, Georgia and Cynthia start to open up to each other over cocktails in Ginny & Georgia season 2.

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People are supporting Georgia from Ginny and Georgia. (Source: Twitter)

Cynthia explains to Georgia in episode 9 that she and her son have suffered since Tom fell into a coma and that the longer he lives, the more difficult it will be for them both to move on.

Cynthia sobs to finish the conversation, “I just want it to be over.” Being Georgia, she has the impulsive notion of intervening and murdering Tom.

Georgia approaches Tom and promises to look after Cynthia and be there for her when she goes upstairs to search for her son.

She then gets a pillow and smothers Tom to death while crying. Then Georgia yells to Cynthia that, in her perspective, Tom’s time has come.

However, Georgia was unaware that Austin had been watching her kill Tom from a cupboard in Tom’s room. Georgia’s secret is kept from Austin, but it isn’t kept a secret for very long.

Paul and Georgia’s wedding day gets cut short in the season finale. Private eye Gabriel Cordova storms in with the cops and takes Georgia into custody for the murder of Tom Fuller.

Georgia is further bewildered when Austin claims that he never told anyone, as stated by Austin. Without revealing how the Police learned what Georgia did to Tom, the season concludes.

Why Did Georgia Kill Tom?

Georgia and Paul are having their first dance when Gabriel and the Police interrupt to arrest her for murder, as was mentioned in our finale review.

Georgia had a history of criminal activity, but that evening, Gabriel and the Police connected her to Tom Fuller’s death.

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Cynthia opened up to Georgia one evening while conversing in her kitchen and said she wanted her husband’s (and her family’s) suffering to end.

Georgia from Ginny and Georgia killing Tom Fuller full scene.Georgia from Ginny and Georgia killing Tom Fuller full scene. (Source: Youtube)

Georgia entered the living room, glanced down at Tom’s body, and likely smothered him with a pillow as Cynthia went upstairs to check on the boys.

Georgia yelled at Cynthia and told her that Tom would die when his life left him, and his machines began violently beeping.

The passing seemed natural to Cynthia. Austin, however, was hiding in the room when the murder took place and witnessed everything.

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