Was Skip Bayless Fired? Controversy Explained- What Did He Tweet About Damar Hamlin?

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Skip Bayless Fired has made himself the center of attention of media outlets worldwide, jumping to the opportunities to report about it.

“Skip Bayless Fired” has become a highly trending topic worldwide as people want to know more about why he was fired.

American sports columnist, analyst, and television personality Skip Bayless works in the sports industry. His work as a commentator on the ESPN2 program First Take with Stephen A. Smith, which he left in June 2016, is well-known. On September 6, 2016, Bayless premiered Skip and Shannon: Undisputed with Shannon Sharpe on Fox Sports 1.

Born in Oklahoma and raised in Oklahoma City, John Edward Bayless II. John Sr., his Father, started calling him Skip immediately; he had also called his mother “Skip,” as in “skipper of the ship.”

The moniker stuck right away, and Bayless’s parents never called him. John; consequently, his name was legally changed to Skip. His parents owned and ran the barbecue-focused Hickory House restaurant in Oklahoma City.

Despite having worked there as a young man, Bayless never considered it a career. Rick Bayless, his younger brother, continued the family legacy by becoming a chef, restaurateur, and television personality. He has a younger sister as well.

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Was Skip Bayless Fired? Controversy Explained

Due to his firing, Skip Bayless has become the focus of media outlets worldwide, which seizes any chance to report on it.

People want to know more about why Skip Bayless was dismissed; hence the phrase “Skip Bayless Fired” has become a worldwide hot topic.

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Right now, Skip Bayless could be a better-liked person. After sending out a controversial tweet following Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s on-field cardiac collapse during Monday Night Football, Bayless received harsh criticism from everyone in the sports world.

The backlash has been so intense that Bayless promptly published a second tweet to clarify his meaning and apologized the next day on his show.

Since he has fueled controversy throughout his lengthy television career, Skip Bayless is no stranger to it. (Source: USA Today)

However, he has yet to remove the original tweet, which calls into question the sincerity of his apology. Due to Shannon Sharpe’s absence from the set on Tuesday morning, Bayless was forced to make the apology alone. Bayless and Sharpe later engaged in an awkward on-air argument on Wednesday.

Without a doubt, it cannot be said to be a decent tweet. It came at a terrible time. It was fierce, if not insensitive, for Bayless to change the conversation to the situation of that football game just minutes after Hamlin was taken off the field and while the entire sports world was concerned about his health.

In addition to bringing up that topic at the exact time when no one wanted to talk about anything but Hamlin’s health, Bayless pushed his additional thoughts — that the game’s result seemed irrelevant — to the tail end of the tweet, giving the impression that he thought more about the football game than about Hamlin’s health.

Skip Bayless Controversy Explained

Since he has fueled controversy throughout his lengthy television career, Skip Bayless is no stranger to it.

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However, Damar Hamlin’s horrific on-field fall on Monday Night Football has put the well-known sports talk host on the outs with the general public. And he simply keeps expanding his hole.

Skip BaylessSkip Bayless apologized for his controversial tweets. (Source: New York Post)

For a tweet he sent out shortly after Hamlin underwent CPR on the field and in which he questioned if the NFL should call off a game with such important postseason implications, Bayless came under Fire.

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