Victoria Long Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Strongwoman? Family And Net Worth

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Victoria Long Wikipedia page might be made available after she lifted the trophy beating all her opponents in the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman classic.

Victoria Long is a professional strongwoman who has participated in multiple series competitions. The strongwoman recently caught viewers’ attention after she established the record for the Elephant bar lift in the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic with Tamara Walcott.

Powerlifter Victoria Long, also known as “Strongman Victoria Long,” represents the United States in the strongman sport.

Long is recognized for having extraordinary strength and athleticism, which she has demonstrated in several strongman competitions.

The 3rd and 4th of March 2023 saw the Arnold Strongwoman Classic take place in Columbus, Ohio. Those who attended the event saw the tremendous strength of athletes from around the world.

The Elephant Bar Deadlift World Record was broken by Tamara and Long on the second day when they both made a powerful comeback, fueled by retaliation, and lifted a 656-pound bar.

Victoria Long Wikipedia

As of now, Victoria Long Wikipedia page does not seem to exist. However, Wikipedia officials might soon add Long’s page.

It would be much easier for admirers of the powerlifter if they got all the early life and achievement details on her Victoria Long Wikipedia website.

According to her social media profiles and other information, Victoria Long appears to be American and has always had a passion for fitness and strength-training exercises.

The powerlifter has competed in a total of 6 national and international events during her active years (2019–2023).

Despite the absence of Victoria Long Wikipedia, many websites have listed her awards and career details on their webpage.

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Victoria Long performing at an event. (Source: Instagram)

In terms of dungeon strength, Victoria took first place. She’s taken part in two national events and won two of them, along with four international competitions in which she competed.

Long is a skilled powerlifter who has achieved many career personal bests. In her powerlifting and strongwoman career, she has garnered some noteworthy victories.

She has set personal records for the maximum deadlift (295 kg, 650 lbs) at the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic, the maximum hummer tire deadlift (347 kg, 765 lbs), and the maximum log lift (136 kg, 300 lbs) at the 2022 America’s Strongest Woman competitions.

She won the women’s heavyweight division in the 2021 United States Strongman National Championship in addition to her deadlifting accomplishment.

Victoria Long Age And Family

Victoria Long’s actual age has remained a secret because neither the athlete nor the media have revealed it.

Victoria’s age is reportedly 30 years old in some accounts, however, the athlete has yet to acknowledge the claim.

In terms of her family, there is just a little knowledge of her spouse and none of the other members.

Victoria LongVictoria Long’s husband Dennis kisses her on the forehead. (Source: Instagram)

According to Victoria’s Instagram bio, she has been happily married to strongman Dennis 2019 since 2019. They presumably became friends because they both loved strength training.

Dennis has taken part in several events. His third-place finish in the 2021 WSM and competition with Arnold Strongman in 2022 are two major accomplishments.

Long’s husband has participated in several competitions. Dennis competed in the 2022 Arnold Strongman and the 2021 SC America’s Strongest, placing third strongest out of 50+ strongmen, among his significant accomplishments.

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Victoria Long Net Worth

Victoria Long has maintained a secretive life. Hence, her net worth is also kept confidential.

Likewise, there is no information on Long’s salary and contract details which makes it difficult to even assume her net worth.

According to Salary, powerlifting earns an average salary of $2,115,476 in the USA. So, Long’s salary might also fall in the mentioned spectrum.

The powerlifter supports the idea of getting more women involved in strength-based activities and women’s strength sports.

Victoria works with customers to help them achieve their health and fitness objectives in addition to being an athlete and personal trainer.

Long is a well-known figure in the strength and fitness world, and she never ceases inspiring and motivating people with her dedication to and love of her sport.

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