Utah Woman:Is Kathryn Smith Racist? Video Trending On Internet

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Is Kathryn Smith Racist? This article aims to delve into the identity of this woman and explore the circumstances surrounding the accusations against her.

The video of Kathryn Smith is trending on the internet because it captures a racist tirade directed at a Midvale woman.

The charges stem from an incident where Smith allegedly not only verbally abused the resident but also physically assaulted her. 

Surveillance and mobile videos shared by Ayres depict Smith hurling racial slurs and profane insults at the family in multiple instances, demonstrating racist behavior.

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Utah Woman: Is Kathryn Smith Racist?

In Midvale, Utah, a disturbing incident involving a woman named Kathryn Smith has gained widespread attention for showing a racist pattern.

The controversy erupted when a TikTok video, reposted by the popular content creator @IzzyEnt, exposed a racist tirade directed at a Midvale resident.

It has also prompted the City of Midvale to issue a statement clarifying that Smith was never an employee of the city.

This clarification followed confusion, possibly fueled by @IzzyEnt’s identification of Smith as a former prosecutor, leading some to believe she was associated with the local government.

The video captured a confrontation between the unseen resident and Kathryn Smith, which the City of Midvale later confirmed.

The video of Katherine Smith demeaning her neighbor using racial slurs has been viral on the Internet (Source: KUTV)

The altercation stemmed from an earlier incident where Smith allegedly yelled at the resident’s children, prompting the mother to intervene.

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The video, which stirred strong reactions, showed Smith using profanity and engaging in aggressive behavior, including forcibly poking the pregnant stomach of the resident.

Smith faces a misdemeanor assault charge, with court documents revealing a prior charge of property damage linked to the alleged destruction of the resident’s garden.

The situation intensified as attorney Tyler Ayres shared videos illustrating Smith’s persistent racist behavior towards the biracial family, including children.

The videos capture Smith hurling racial slurs at the family, even when they are not visible in the footage.

The family has been subjected to verbal abuse and racist insults over an extended period.

Despite the disturbing nature of the incident, the City of Midvale clarified in a public statement that Smith was never an employee of the city.

The reasons behind this clarification were not explicitly stated, but it may have been prompted by the public’s belief that Smith worked for the local government.

The incident underscores the troubling reality of racist behavior and highlights the need for addressing such incidents in the community.

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Why Is Kathryn Smith Video Trending On The Internet?

The video featuring Kathryn Smith has gained traction on the internet due to its documentation of a disturbing and racist incident directed at a woman in Midvale.

The video depicts a confrontation between Smith and an unidentified resident, a situation triggered by an earlier interaction between Smith and the resident’s children.

The severity of the reaction prompted the City of Midvale to issue a public statement in response to the video.

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Kathryn Smith RacistKatherine Smith not only verbally abused but also physically assaulted her pregnant neighbor (Source: Newsbreak Original)

The content of the TikTok video reveals Smith using highly offensive language and engaging in a confrontational manner.

This escalated to the point where she was charged with misdemeanor assault. The video has sparked widespread condemnation and discussions about racism.

The incident resulted in a warrant for Smith’s arrest being issued in September, and although no recent arrest documents have been filed, it suggests the warrant might still be active.

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