Taryn Manning Affair Video With Married Man: Controversy And Scandal

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Taryn Manning affair news is all over the internet, and fans are eager to know about her scandal. Find out more info below.

Taryn Manning is a famous American actress and singer who has been working actively in the film industry for a long time. She is widely famous for her role in a hit tv series named Orange Is The New Black.

She has also starred in other hit movies and tv series, including Sons of Anarchy, Hustle & Flow, and 8 Mile.

Apart from being a famous actress, Manning is also a singer who has released some songs, including So Talented, Spotlight, Pop 808, Free Them, and Summer Ashes.

For her multiple works, Manning has won some awards. Some of the awards won by Taryn include Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Taryn Manning Affair Video With Married Man

Taryn Manning affair video is trending on the internet, and everyone has been asking for the fact behind it.

The famous actress shared a video on her Instagram handle where she claimed she was seeing a married man, and his wife wanted a restraining order against her.

Furthermore, Manning also said that she and the unnamed man drove to Newport Beach to buy him a boat, as she loved the man a lot.

As for the man’s wife, Manning said she couldn’t stand her because she allegedly called Taryn a lunatic instead of calling them both out for the alleged affair.

Taryn Manning affair video has been making rounds on the internet for the past few days. (Source: GQ)

Not only that, but the wife reportedly threatened to get a restraining order against her, while Taryn threatened to put her in jail.

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Moreover, Manning said that their relationship began when she was single, and the man came to her.

People were shocked after sharing everything with her fans and followers, and the news was making rounds on various social media handles. 

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Taryn Manning Controversy And Scandal Explained

Everyone on the internet has been searching for the Taryn Manning controversy and scandal. It all started when Taryn shared a story about her affair with a married man who was married to his wife.

As said earlier, Taryn shared a video where she detailed everything about her affair with a man in the past.

In another video, Taryn will not lie about it anymore, adding that the man messed up really bad and, instead, the wife is going after the actress.

Taryn Manning ControversyTaryn Manning went viral after her recent controversy. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

After that, everyone began searching for the scandal on social media as the news was shared by many outlets that dragged the famous actress into the controversy.

Apart from that, some fake accounts on Twitter have posted fake videos and news just to get likes and views on their posts. Some followers of Taryn have asked people not to share unwanted info on the platform.

Taryn Manning Responds To Her Video

When Taryn Manning shared her story of having an affair with a man behind his wife’s back, many people criticized the actress. Due to that, some of her followers even asked for an apology.

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Furthermore, online users started sharing their opinions on the matter of Manning. Finally, Taryn shared a statement on her Instagram handle to address something about the ongoing matter.

Taryn Manning RespondsTaryn Manning responded to the viral video. (Source: Instagram)

She apologized to everyone about her recent controversy. In the statement, she explained that she felt a lot of guilt after exposing her romantic situation.

She also felt guilty after considering brushing off the situation by saying she was lying; she decided to come clean with her followers.

In a recent post shared on her Instagram account, she gave more details about the incident. Further, Taryn can be followed under the username @tarynmanning, from where she gives more updates. 

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