Street Outlaws Ryan Fellows Car Crash Video: Accident Details

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Ryan Fellows car crash video is still on the top searched list. Fellows died aged 41 after a crash while filming an episode. 

Fellows was a cast member of the reality TV show “Street Outlaws,” which follows a group of street racers in Oklahoma City competing against each other in illegal street races.

Fellows was known on the show as “Fireball” and was part of a group of racers called “Team NOLA.”

He appeared on several seasons of the show and was popular among fans for his racing skills and competitive spirit.

Tragically, Fellows was involved in a fatal car crash in 2022 and passed away due to his injuries.

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Street Outlaws Ryan Fellows Car Crash Video

TMZ reported that during the fatal car crash involving Ryan Fellows, he lost control of his car outside of Las Vegas, which caused the vehicle to roll over and catch fire.

Despite the efforts of those around him, they could not rescue him from the burning car. He died during the episode’s shooting, so the videos regarding the accident were all out. 

People expressed their thoughts about the accident, and the car crash videos were all over the news.

Fellows was driving a gold Nissan 240Z when he lost control near the finish line, which caused the car to roll over and catch fire.

Video of Street Outlaws driver Ryan Fellows in Vegas crash. (Image Source: Daily Motion)

According to a statement made by Ryan Fellows’ family, he was a passionate car enthusiast, basketball lover, and successful sales and advertising professional who was known for his tenacity and relentless drive.

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However, he was most devoted to his family, including his wife Liz and his children Josiah and Olivia.

Ryan Fellows Accident Details And Lawsuit Against Television Show 

In August of last year, Ryan Fellows died in a fiery crash while filming an episode of “Street Outlaws: Fastest in America.”

According to TMZ, he lost control of his car near the finish line and rolled it, causing it to catch fire.

The family of Ryan Fellows, who died in a car accident while they were filming an episode of “Street Outlaws: Fastest in America,” has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. Discovery and Lions Gate Entertainment.

The lawsuit alleges that TV networks and studios put Fellows’ life at risk for financial gain by having him race on a dangerous stretch of road that did not meet industry safety standards for drag racing.

Ryan Fellows, a star on the television show "Street Outlaws: Fastest in America," died in a car crash.Ryan Fellows, a star on the television show “Street Outlaws: Fastest in America,” died in a car crash. (Image Source: Los Angeles Times)

The lawsuit claims that the area where the show was filmed was a rough and dusty 55-mile-per-hour roadway in the Las Vegas desert, which was unsuitable for drag racing due to its poor condition.

They argue that the race track where filming occurred was unsafe, with a dusty and rough asphalt road, narrow lanes, and gravel shoulders with sheer drop-offs.

They claim these factors caused cars to lose traction, leading to out-of-control slides and rollovers.

The family also alleges that the network knew the risks but did not take appropriate action to prevent them, even after numerous crashes. They claim that the network continued to film and wait for the following impact.

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The Fellows family seeks damages for negligence, claiming that the media corporations’ actions led to Ryan’s death.

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