Severo Sinvergüenza Video Viral Twitter: Controversy And Scandal

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Severo Sinvergüenza video viral Twitter, and the video has been flooding all the social media platforms. 

Severo Sinvergüenza is situated in Cali and serves waffles and desserts shaped like male genitals. Moreover, the employees of this place have a distinctive method of attending to their customers.

Because of the shape of waffles, people started making videos that have been on trend. The videos are getting mixed reactions from the viewers.

The establishment’s proprietor has gained widespread attention on social media, and numerous individuals have taken note of the women featured in the advertisements.

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Severo Sinvergüenza Video Viral Twitter

Severo Sinvergüenza, a store specializing in phallic-shaped waffles and desserts in Cali, Colombia, has recently become a viral sensation on social media and in the news.

The place has been going viral because of the unique way the employees serve their customers, which involves simulating erotic situations with desserts.

The viral trend began with a video showing a team member spreading beliefs to be condensed milk on a woman’s chest and then using his mouth to remove it.

Since then, numerous videos of a similar nature have been shared on Twitter, further fueling the buzz around the establishment.

Reactions to the controversy on social networks, due to the video of Severo Sinvergüenza in which a vendor gives preferential treatment to one of the clients. (Image Source: infobae)

The attention surrounding the shop has also brought focus to one of its employees, a 27-year-old Venezuelan named Ray Cabrera.

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Ray has often been involved in commercials the bakery shop has released and has become a notable figure. 

The audience has been sharing his videos with their friends, which has been o trend for quite some time. 

Despite the controversy, many people have enjoyed it, whereas the video has received negative comments. 

A long queue of women and men has been observed waiting to receive the desserts served at the establishment. This indicates the shop’s growing popularity, as people are willing to wait in line to try its unique offerings.

Severo Sinvergüenza Controversy And Scandal

Despite the controversy and criticism surrounding the establishment, negative attention appears to have not impacted their customer base, particularly among female clientele.

According to a Journalist from Caracol Radio, at least 300 women were in line at the shop, and some expressed enjoyment of the experience without feeling disrespected.

In response to the viral videos circulating on social media, the shop stated on its Facebook account in the Spanish language. 

Official statement from the Severo Sinvergüenza waffle shop for a controversial video circulating on social networks.Official statement from the Severo Sinvergüenza waffle shop for a controversial video circulating on social networks. (Image Source: infobae)

They said they had trained their employees to act respectfully and obtain customer consent. They also emphasized that any action that crosses the line between fun and sensuality is strictly prohibited.

As a brand, they take no responsibility for such actions within the customer premises. The statement concluded by assuring that appropriate measures would be taken to prevent such incidents from occurring again.

They mentioned that they would not let any other videos sacculate around like the video now, and they will be careful further about their products.

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Many individuals enjoy desserts served at the shop, which has led to a growing interest in trying them out, particularly among women.

This excitement has led to long lines of customers waiting to receive the establishment’s unique offerings.

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