Sarah Lahbati Leaked Video: Scandal And Issue With Richard Gutierrez

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Sarah Lahbati leaked video is one of the most searched terms online. Here’s everything you need to know about her issue with Richard Gutierrez.

Sarah Lahbati is a Filipino-Moroccan actress and model who gained popularity in the Philippines through her appearances in various television shows and movies. 

Meanwhile, Sarah rose to fame as one of the StarStruck reality talent show finalists in 2009.

After that, she became a contract artist for GMA Network, where she appeared in several television dramas.

Some of Lahbati’s notable projects include Makapiling Kang Muli, Kokak, and Indio.

In 2011, she also won the 9th FAMAS Awards for the German Moreno Youth Achievement Awardee category.

Apart from that, her fans and followers are asking questions about Lahbati’s leaked video. So, everything has been shared below.

Sarah Lahbati Leaked Video Goes Viral

Sarah Lahbati leaked video has gone viral on the web. For the past few days, netizens have searched for the topic of Sarah’s viral video.

When people got familiar with this matter, they initially believed that Lahbati was seen having an intimate moment.

Moreover, multiple sources have even shared the video.

Sarah Lahbati leaked video has gone viral on various social media platforms which has left everyone shocked. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, adult sites have also shared some videos using Sarah’s name which created a buzz online.

However, there is no truth about the actress being involved in this scandal.

It seems the video was uploaded solely to garner views and likes on their postings.

Apart from that, Sarah has not said anything about this matter leaving everyone concerned.

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All About Sarah Lahbati Issue With Richard Gutierrez

Sarah Lahbati often makes headlines for various reasons.

Apart from her leaked video news, online users are concerned about Sarah’s issue with Richard Gutierrez.

For your information, Sarah and Richard have been married since March 14, 2020.

Meanwhile, Richard is a well-known actor who has remained active in this field for a long time.

Sarah Lahbati and RichardSarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez have been married since 2020 but their divorce rumors are trending online. (Source: Instagram)

For the past few days, a rumor about Sarah’s breakup with Richard has taken over the internet sources.

Furthermore, many people are speculating that Sarah and Richard have ended their marriage.

Despite all the ongoing gossip, both, Sarah and Richard have not said a single word yet.

It appears that the pair had some problems in the past which created their divorce rumors.

What Has Sarah Lahbati Said About Her Scandal?

At the time of this post, Sarah Lahbati has not said anything about her scandal.

As said earlier, the news about her leaked video has created a buzz.

However, the viral video is fake and was shared without any verification.

In the same way, when word got out online about Lahbati’s divorce from her spouse Richard Gutierrez, the subject gained a lot of attention.

Both of them are the parents of two sons. Furthermore, the news of their divorce has left their fans and followers confused.

Sarah Lahbati ScandalSarah Lahbati has not said anything about her scandal with her husband. (Source: Instagram)

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Some people have speculated that the pair have ended their marriage while some have noted that it is just a rumor that went viral without any facts.

Despite all the ongoing gossip, Sarah and her husband Richard have not said a single word yet.

In addition, they may give some hints in the future and address everything. 

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