Sally Thomsett Face Surgery Before And After: What Happened To Her- Health Update

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Fans wonder what happened to Sally Thomsett, who was once a household name. Where is she now, and did she get face surgery?

The English Actress is best known as Phyllis Waterbury in The Railway Children and Jo in the TV sitcom Man About the House.

Her other famous appearances include Janice Hedden in Straw Dogs, Jennifer Villiers in The Very Merry Widow, and Nemo Newman in Baxter!

At one time, Sally was everywhere. Suddenly, she disappeared from the limelight.

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Sally Thomsett Face Surgery Before And After

People have noticed a significant difference between Sally Thomsett’s previous and current appearances, which has raised curiosity if she had facial surgery.

Sound Health and Lasting Wealth state that Sally has not mentioned having undergone cosmetic surgery. 

She only disclosed the details of her dental surgery to attain her enamel; she did not state any other surgical procedure. 

Sally Thomsett when she was a child Actress and now. (Source: Smooth Radio)

To be fair, Sally is 73, and age could have caused the noticeable changes in her face.

What Happened To Sally Thomsett? Health Update

Fans wonder what happened to Sally Thomsett, who once played famous roles like Jo in Man About the House and Phyllis Waterbury in The Railway Children.

She is virtually absent from the entertainment field, with her last appearance in The Lily Savage Show (1997) per IMDb.

The 1970s star, once a household name, appears healthy with no known illnesses.

Sally, now 73 has been with Paul Agnew for over 20 years in Britain.

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After having her daughter Charlotte, her perspective was changed, and she thought, “I’m not going to be my best while I’ve got a little child, so I won’t do any acting.”

Sally planned to go back to work when her daughter was old enough. However, the timing turned out poorly.

“That was the time of Big Brother and reality TV starting, and they’d stopped making nice comedies,” she said.

In recent years, Sally has done a few chat shows and says the chances of her back in acting are “zilch.”

Although she no longer acts, Sally still gets royalties and attends fan conventions. And she has ­thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Sally Thomsett Has Had Complicated Love Life

Sally Thomsett has had a love life nearly as complicated as any ­plotline she’s ever worked on.

Having worked non-stop for years, Sally wanted a break and went traveling. She ended up in Los Angeles and married Danish film producer Claus Hede Nielsen.

Estranged from her husband, she later met her current partner, Paul Agnew. At age 46, she was blessed with her daughter, Charlotte Agnew.

Sally Thomsett what happened to herAn old picture of Sally Thomsett with her partner and daughter. (Source: Mirror)

However, Sally and Paul have never married; Sally is still wed to her second husband, Claus.

She says she has not seen Claus since 1985 and does not know where he is to divorce him.

“I think he went back to Denmark or LA. I’m still legally his wife, but I don’t know where he is.”

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She added that there was no issue, “What does it matter? It’s not as if he’s bothering me.” she said.

Before Claus, Sally was married to her first husband, Nigel Newman, the son of a shipping magnate. After dating Nigel for five years, she was 21 when they wed.

Sally Thomsett Comes From A British Family

Sally Thomsett was born in Plumpton, England, to her parents, Maurice and Dorothy Thomsett (née Joy). 

She and her three older brothers grew up in nearby Brighton. She attended the Elm Grove Infants and Juniors School.

Sally has one of her brothers to thank, who offered her five shillings to audition for The Max Bygraves Summer Show.

The Straw Dogs Actress succeeded in doing so and appeared in several pantomimes before leaving secondary school to attend Phildene Stage School in London.

Sally’s daughter, Charlotte, is her assistant and helps manage her meetings.

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