Roman Kostomarov Hospitalized 2023: Death Hoax- Olympic Champion Is Critical Condition

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Roman Kostomarov hospitalized in 2023; learn about the recent health update of the Olympic champion. 

Roman Kostomarov is a former competitive ice dancer from Russia.

Kostomarov is best known for his partnership with Tatiana Navka, and they won the gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Navka and Kostomarov started together in 1997. The duo won numerous international competitions, including the European Figure Skating Championships in 2004 and 2005. 

They retired from the competitive staking in 2006, then Kostomarov became a coach and choreographer. He worked in different top ice dance teams and has gained an appreciation for his work. 

Besides his professional information, people have recently become interested in learning about his current health condition. 

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Roman Kostomarov Hospitalized 2023: Death Hoax

Kostomarov was hospitalized for a different condition since the start of 2023; he is alive and has been in a medical procedure. 

After he was hospitalized, many death hoaxes were out in public, but his family confirmed that he was alive. 

The Olympic champion got hospitalized on January 10, 2023. He suffered from a cold, believed to be Covid-19, but later it was discovered as pneumonia.

Olympic champion in ice dancing Roman Kostomarov since January 10 in intensive care. (Image Source: Russia Posts English)

He was not in good condition, and pneumonia led him to ventilators for some days; later, the doctors asked him to sift in Moscow. 

Roman Kostomarov’s health did not improve despite medical attention. According to reports, Kostomarov’s condition worsened after he got admitted to the hospital with a severe cold.

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Olympic Champion Is Still In Critical Condition: Health Update 

Despite being transferred to a specialist hospital in Moscow, Kostomarov’s health deteriorated.

Therefore, on February 6, 2023, Kostomarov underwent an operation to remove necrotic tissue and prevent further cell death.

During the procedure, the dead part of the tissue was removed from one of his legs. However, the affected area was more extensive on the second leg, and the ankle was amputated entirely.

After some time, his second foot was also amputated due to the severity of the condition.

As reported, Kostomarov got placed into an induced coma after a stroke and a second brain hemorrhage that affected his vision.

The cold was identified as pneumonia, worsening his health condition. After some time, he was out of the coma, and doctors reported little progress. 

Hopefully, the Olympic champion will feel; better soon and come along with the public and share his experience. 

Roman Kostomarov Family: Where Are They? 

Kostomarov is among his family as he is in critical condition. He is married to Oksana Domnina. 

The couple married in 2014; Oksana is a former competitive ice dancer from Russia. She was a partner with Maxim Shabalin.

Domnina and Kostomarov have two children together. Anastasia is their first child, born on January 2, 2011. 

Then, the couple welcomed their second child, Illya, on January 2016. The couple has not shared much information about their children publicly. 

Roman Kostomarov with his wife and kids during a vacation.Roman Kostomarov with his wife and kids during a vacation. (Image Source: Instagram)

But you can often find pictures of them on their parent’s social media accounts; they share their family pictures of traveling or celebrating festivals together. 

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The couple seems to share a great bond, along with their kids. Oksana shared a picture of her husband on her Instagram, praying for his good health. 

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