Real Housewives Of Sydney Caroline Gaultier Wikipedia And Age: Family And Net Worth

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The reality show Real Housewives of Sydney announced the new cast members on August 2023. Fans are eager to know Caroline Gaultier Wikipedia and her family details.

Socialite Caroline Gaultier has been announced as the new cast for the Real Housewives Of Sydney. The Australian celebrity announced the news through a post on her Instagram account.

Caroline is one of Sydney’s most stylish party girls and is often seen in the partying venue of luxurious resorts, beaches, and hotels.

Now, her followers and the viewers of the RHOS are waiting for what Gaultier has for the show and the audience.

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Caroline Gaultier Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Real Housewives Of Sydney?

Caroline Gautier is a native of Sydney, Australia, and resides in a luxurious house near Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

Caroline is believed to be in her late forties and is a model and professional dancer.

Gaultier has worked as a model for the famous Australian photographer and artist Francesca Owen.

Similarly, she often thrives in the Tulum or Nevada’s burning man fashion festival.

Moreover, Caroline spends most of her time in the fashion photoshoot and being part of lavish parties with her affluent friends.

Caroline Gaultier is an Australian Socialite who is popular in the fashion society and is now on the show Real Housewives of Sydney. (Source: Dailymail)

Previously, Gaultier lived in Japan and the Czech Republic, and while living in Japan, she studied for a degree in philosophy at the Univesity.

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While in Japan, Caroline also taught the primary school student after graduation, but later she returned to Australia for personal reasons.

Now, Caroline Gaultier lives freely, enjoying every moment and cherishing her life to the fullest.

Real Housewives Of Sydney Caroline Gaultier Family

Caroline Gaultier was born in Prague, Czech Republic, and she is believed to be born to parents of different nationalities- from Australian and European countries.

Caroline married her ex-husband in Paris but later got separated, reasoning a lack of compatibility and closeness.

After their divorce, she moved to Australia with her two daughters and focused on their excellent upbringing.

Her elder daughter Gigi Evans is an artist who studies liberal arts at the university. She is also active on Tikitok; she often posts videos with her friends. 

Caroline Gaultier WikipediaCaroline Gaultier is the mother of two daughters- in the picture with her younger daughter. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the daughter, Gigi, lives abroad in Australia for her studies. Her mother, Caroline Gaultier, often posts pictures on her Instagram account and says she misses her daughter.

Moreover, there is little more information about her younger daughter as she rarely posts pictures of them together. It might be that she is also away from her hometown concerning her studies.

The love of Caroline Gaultier for her daughter is exceptional. She often mentions that all work she does and achieves is for the prosperity of the two dearest daughters.

Caroline Gaultier Net Worth

The exact wealth and net worth of Caroline is yet to be calculated. However, one point is evident the model and party girl is wealthy.

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The post and pictures of her lavish life ascertain that Caroline has the assets to lead such a life. She might have accumulated a reasonable sum of money for her job as a model.

Caroline Gaultier WikipediaCaroline Gaultier leads a lavish lifestyle on her vacation in Greece with her elder daughter. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, we will still witness the sumptuous lifestyle of Caroline Gaultier on the new show “Real Housewives of Sydney.”

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