Pozahub: Savannah Dave Video Viral on Twitter- TikTok and Reddit Update

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Savannah Dave video is all over social media, and netizens are heavily searching for the original clip. Here’s what we know about the viral video from Pozahub.

Savannah Dave is said to be a social media user who is fond of cats. Dave reportedly shares her love for cats and posts videos with cats. There are no verified social media handles for Dave as of now.

As we know, being in the spotlight isn’t easy, as it is pretty challenging to keep one’s personal life confidential. In the same way, many social media personalities have gone viral online due to their private video leak.

Now, another social media user Savannah Dave is in the spotlight following her leaked video, which seems to be taken from an adult website named Pozahub.

Pozahub: Savannah Dave Video Viral on Twitter

As mentioned earlier, the leaked video of Savannah Dave taken from Pozahub has gained huge public attention. The video was first shared on the adult site, and later it was shared on other social media platforms, including Twitter.

Likewise, many unverified media outlets have made news regarding Dave’s viral video. Exploring all of them, we learned that it was fake, and they shared a fake video linking the name of Savannah Dave.

Savannah Dave’s viral video is trending on social media mainly on Twitter. ( Source: Twitter )

Despite all the ongoing rumors regarding Dave’s video, she has not come forward with the media and addressed the controversy. 

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Savannah Dave Video TikTok and Reddit Update

Savannah Dave’s video from Pozahub is viral not only on Twitter but it is also trending on other social media platforms like TikTok and Reddit. 

TikTok users have widely searched for Dave’s video, and the phrase has gained more than 1 million views. However, the viral video can’t be found on TikTok as it is related to adult content and violates TikTok’s community guidelines.

Savannah RedditSavannah Dave’s video from Pozahub is also going viral on Reddit. ( Source: Martech )

Apart from TikTok, Savannah Dave’s videos have been uploaded on Reddit, and many threads have been created. Despite that, it becomes clear that all of the videos made in Dave’s name turned out to be fake.

In most of the Reddit threads, we can see Dave’s name and a photo of the adult scene. 

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Who Is Savannah Dave? Person Behind Pozahub Viral Video

As mentioned earlier, many online portals have claimed that Savannah Dave is a social media user who is fond of cats. On her Instagram page, she shares videos and pictures with her cat.

Furthermore, we also explored her social media handles, but it seems like she is not the one whose name is going viral due to a leaked video.

Many have also requested the unverified source to stop making news as it defames one’s personality who is not engaged in it.

Savannah Dave Video PozahubSavannah Dave’s video is linked with a cat lovers couple but there is no fact about it. ( Source: Twitter )

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So, it can be said that the name Savannah Dave who is fond of cats, is not linked with the Pozahub viral video. Many videos on the adult site have been shared using the same name, which confused everyone.

There have been records in the past that many people get linked with these types of rumors, which were created just to get likes and views. So, the current hot topic, Dave, may be in the same case.

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