Phuong My Chi denies involvement in viral clip, defends image amidst social media uproar

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Amidst swirling speculations linking her to a sensitive video clip, Phương Mỹ Chi has officially spoken up to refute these claims.

On the evening of December 7, social media platforms were abuzz with a cropped image extracted from a sensitive video, with the female lead suspected to be singer Phương Mỹ Chi. Faced with the public furor, the singer has now made her stance clear.

She asserted that the baseless and distorted information tarnished her image and affected the emotions of her beloved audience. “I confirm that all these pieces of information are entirely fabricated to besmirch my reputation. I consistently remind myself to be conscious and responsible for maintaining a favorable image in front of the audience,” Phương Mỹ Chi stated.

She also urged social media users to cease mentioning her in relation to sensitive video clips, emphasizing that such actions not only spread unverified information but also potentially breach legal regulations, subject to criminal prosecution.

Phương Mỹ Chi continues to actively share snippets of her daily life and educational pursuits on her official fan page, along with her musical endeavors.

In recent times, Phương Mỹ Chi has garnered considerable adoration, particularly from younger audiences. With her breakthrough in music through the album “Vũ trụ Cò bay,” a distinctive artistic endeavor, the 10X singer has received positive recognition, likened to a shining gem in the Vietnamese music scene, captivating audiences with beautiful imagery and inspiring content. She has also emerged as a prominent nominee at the 29th Mai Vang Awards in the category of Female Vocalist.

The singer clarified her lack of involvement in the sensitive video circulating on social media, emphasizing her ongoing commitment to maintaining consciousness and responsibility in upholding her image before her audience.

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Mọi người xem tai con bé trong clip nghi là PMC lộ clip 56s và ảnh tai PMC trên FB xem xem có phải là 1 người k ạ. ?Khổ thân con bé, để trả lại trong sạch của Phương Mỹ Chi. Mới đây, cộng đồng mạng xôn xao chia sẻ hình ảnh được cắt ra từ đoạn…

— Mr Toan. Pi (@mrtoan_pi) December 8, 2023

On December 8, in response to Tiền Phong, Phương Mỹ Chi denied any association with the leaked sensitive video. On December 7, social media witnessed the dissemination of a cropped image from the clip, with many claiming resemblance to Phương Mỹ Chi.

“The information is misleading, baseless, and detrimental to my image and the emotions of many cherished audiences. I affirm that it’s fabricated to damage my reputation. I consistently remind myself to be conscious and responsible for maintaining a favorable image before the audience,” Phương Mỹ Chi affirmed.

She requested the online community to refrain from mentioning her in connection with sensitive clips. “The act of many people sharing and mentioning my name isn’t merely spreading unverified information on social media; it aids in violating legal regulations, and individuals could face criminal consequences,” she added.

The sensitive video portraying a female character, suspected to resemble Phương Mỹ Chi, spread across the internet on December 7. Many shared the image of the Vũ trụ singer, expressing shock and varied opinions: “Too shocking, Phương Mỹ Chi in my thoughts,” “Link in the comments,” “Is anyone else as shocked as I am to see Phương Mỹ Chi?”

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However, others argued that the character in the video wasn’t Phương Mỹ Chi. Fans urged the singer to speak up and consider taking legal action against those defaming her.

Mình xem ròii nhé. Nhìn thì 99,9% là em ấy. Chuyện riêng tư nhưng vì nổi tiếng lên vẫn phải đu theo thôi #phuongmychi #loclip #clip #SHOWBIZ

— Tô Linh (@NDiep09042020) December 8, 2023

Lately, the dissemination of sensitive video clips and mentions of individuals online has become more frequent. According to Article 155 of the Penal Code 2015, amended in 2017, individuals severely damaging the reputation and dignity of others may face warnings, fines ranging from 10,000,000 to 30,000,000 VND, or non-custodial reform for up to 03 years.

Born in 2003, Phương Mỹ Chi gained public attention after securing the runner-up position in the inaugural season of Giọng hát Việt Nhí, a reality television singing competition. At the age of 10, she left a remarkable impression on the judges with folk songs from Southern Vietnam, including “Quê em mùa nước lũ,” “Lòng mẹ,” “Áo mới Cà Mau.”

At that time, singer Cẩm Ly, a judge of Giọng hát Việt Nhí, commented: “Listening to her sing, I see before my eyes the flooded seasons with yellow wildflowers, the vast white fields in the Mekong Delta. Phương Mỹ Chi has become a sensation. With proper guidance and training, I believe this little girl will progress far more in the coming years.”

Following her appearance in the first season of Giọng hát Việt Nhí in 2013, Phương Mỹ Chi swiftly rose to become a popular music star with her sweet folk singing voice. At 17, Phương Mỹ Chi shared that she had realized she was the main breadwinner of her family. Previously, her mother had refrained her from bearing pressure, considering singing as merely a source of joy.

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In April 2023, Phương Mỹ Chi introduced the MV “Vũ trụ có anh,” marking the beginning of a music project commemorating her 10-year singing career. The 2003-born vocalist revitalized her music with a youthful yet traditional touch. The album “Vũ trụ cò bay” significantly marked her transition into adulthood after 10 years in the artistic field. The debut album includes tracks like “Vũ trụ có anh,” “Đẩy xe bò,” “Bóng phù hoa,” “Hai đứa trẻ,” “Chiếc lược ngà,” “Gối gấm,” all of which made it to the top charts. Additionally, Phương Mỹ Chi earned praise from audiences for organizing live performances, singing all 10 songs from this album.

Regarding her romantic life, in a recent interview, Phương Mỹ Chi disclosed that she is currently single and has no boyfriend. When asked about her ideal partner, she replied, “It depends on the person’s taste. Flexibility is key, not rigid. You lose something to gain something else; nobody is perfect as I imagined. But the primary requirement is calmness, providing inner peace and self-protection.”

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