Paul Henry Nargeolet Net Worth 2023: Career Earning Of Titanic Submersible

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Paul Henry Nargeolet net worth has been trending online ever since the Titanic expert is feared to be one of five passengers on the missing tourist submersible exploring the famous shipwreck.

According to the US Coast Guard, the submersible started on Sunday morning and made its way toward the Titanic wreck.

The vessel lost contact with the research vessel Polar Prince one hour and 45 minutes after the dive. British billionaire Hamish Harding is reportedly one of five people on board.

On the Titanic shipwreck, Nargeolet is “widely regarded as the leading authority.” According to the OceanGate website, Nargeolet is referred to as “PH Nargeolet,” a prominent “Titanic expert.”

Having conducted six expeditions to the Titanic crash site and delivered lectures at several Titanic displays around the world, he is referred to as “Titanic’s Greatest Explorer.”

Paul Henry Nargeolet goes by the name Paul Henri Nargeolet on his social media account.

Have you ever wondered how much experts like Paul Henri Nargeolet make? Let’s explore the net worth, earning sources, and career of Nargeolet in this short piece.

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Paul Henry Nargeolet Net Worth 2023

The precise amount of Paul Henry Nargeolet’s fortune has not been made public. But, as mentioned above, Paul is regarded as a leading authority on the Titanic shipwreck.

Paul Henry Nargeolet seems to have amassed a massive sum throughout his career. (Image Source: Heavy)

Thus, during his long and glorious career, PH Nargeolet must have accumulated a significant fortune.

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Paul Henry Nargeolet is the current director of the underwater research program at Premier Exhibitions, RMS Titanic, Inc. He has been serving in the position since April 2007, i.e., for over sixteen years.

According to the company’s website, RMS Titanic, Inc. is a Experiential Media Group ‘EMG,’ LLC subsidiary.

A United States Federal Court order from 1994 and a subsequent reconfirmation from 1996 granted the Company salvage rights to the RMS Titanic wreck.

The exclusive authority to remove items from the wreck site is part of the court judgment. RMS Titanic, Inc. creates TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition using Titanic’s artifacts, historical information, and scientific evidence. In addition, you must be aware of how popular Titanic is.

Hence, as a director of the underwater research program at RMS Titanic, Paul must be awarded a handsome paycheck.

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Titanic Submersible Paul Henry Nargeolet Career Earning 

Apart from being director of the underwater research program at RMS Titanic, Inc, Paul Henry Nargeolet is also a submersible pilot.

According to his LinkedIn profile, the Titanic’s great explorer worked as a sub pilot, commander, EOD, ship captain, clearance diver, or deep diver at Marine Nationale, French Navy, from September 1964 to April 1986.

Paul Henry Nargeolet Net WorthThe Titanic Expert Paul Henry Nargeolet is a French submersible pilot with an extensive experience in the field. (Image Source: LinkedIn)

As reported by Comparably, a person working as a submersible pilot earns $121K as their average annual salary. The Titanic expert must also have earned significantly as a submersible pilot.

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Furthermore, he worked as director of DESM, deep diving equipment at IFREMER, for nearly ten years. The Titanic expert served as executive director at Aqua+, a subsidiary of Canal+, from January 1996 to December 2005.

Likewise, Paul was a director at CMURM (The Center for Maritime & Underwater Resource Management) for one year. Also, he was self-employed as a consultant from 2004 to 2007.

Nonetheless, Paul Henry Nargeolet seems to have amassed a considerable fortune with his involvement in several companies during his six-decades-long career.

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