Pastor Lamor Whitehead- Brooklyn Bishop Arrested And Charged Of Fraud

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Brooklyn Bishop Arrested has instantly hit the online press and become one of the most talked about topics in the past few hours.

Pastor Lamor Whitehead from Brooklyn was convicted of charges of doing illegal activities. As soon as the rumors about “Brooklyn Bishop Arrested” came out, people started to talk about the in-depth details of the case which led to his arrest. 

Wire fraud and extortion charges are being brought against Brooklyn-based Bishop Lamor Whitehead, who gained notoriety this summer after being robbed during a live-streamed church session.

According to federal authorities, Whitehead, 45, is charged with crimes allegedly perpetrated against one of his parishioners and a businessman on two charges of wire fraud, one act of extortion, and one count of making false statements.

Whitehead is the pastor of the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches in New York City, well-known for his flashy clothing, vehicles, and other dazzling shows of riches.

After shooters broke into their church in July, Whitehead and his wife were robbed of $1 million in valuables.

After this occurrence, Whitehead came under Fire for his opulent lifestyle. Some even questioned the integrity of the robbery. However, the theft led to the arrest of two guys.

Pastor Lamor Whitehead- Brooklyn Bishop Arrested

Brooklyn Bishop was Arrested, and people are trying to find out more about the incident which led to his arrest. 

According to the reports, he was charged with fraud but has claimed his innocence. 

In a 15-minute Instagram video posted on Tuesday, Whitehead asserted his innocence in response to the announcement of the federal accusations leveled against him.

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Brooklyn Bishop was charged with fraud. (Source: CNN)

Whitehead adds in the video as he sits down in front of two smiling pictures of himself, “The bishop is innocent. And I’ll struggle against it. More significant than having the right legal team, I also have God.”

Whitehead is accused of using lies and threats to coerce others into giving him money, which he allegedly used to buy himself luxuries.

Whitehead allegedly persuaded one of his parishioners to deposit about $90,000 of her retirement assets between April 2020 and July 2021. 

The bishop agreed to this on the condition that he would assist her in finding housing and utilize a portion of the funds for investments in his real estate ventures.

Instead, the indictment against Whitehead claims he spent the money on himself.

The indictment asserts that in another incident, Whitehead coerced an unnamed businessman into giving over substantial amounts of cash. 

Whitehead allegedly persuaded the businessman to pay the church Leader $500,000 and a share in specific real estate deals sometime in the spring of 2022. 

According to the prosecution, the guy was promised “favorable acts” from the New York City government in exchange that would benefit both Whitehead and himself.

Brooklyn Bishop Arrested Of Fraud Charges

Lamor Whitehead, a Brooklyn preacher, was detained on suspicion of federal financial fraud after being robbed of a large amount of jewelry while preaching in July.

Brooklyn BishopBrooklyn Bishop claimed his innocence against the claims. (Source: Christianitydaily)

According to Damian Williams, the Manhattan U.S. attorney, the 44-year-old preacher, also known as Bishop Whitehead, who developed a reputation as the “bling bishop,” “bullied a businessman for $5,000, then tried to cheat him of substantially more than that.”

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According to the prosecution, Whitehead persuaded one of his parishioners to withdraw $90,000 from her retirement account by promising to assist her in purchasing a new home.

Whitehead texted the victim, “I am a man of integrity, and you will not lose,” but the prosecutors claimed he spent the money on opulent items.

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