No, Jon Pointing Is Not Gay, Instead Has Partner Sarah- Relationship Timeline

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Fans have been wondering if the answer to the question Is Jon Pointing Gay is yes or no. Clearly, the answer is no. In fact, he has been dating his partner Sarah for a while now.

The actor, writer, and character comedian Jonathan Pointing has been in various movies as well as TV series. Some of his famous movies include ‘Big Boys’ and ‘Pls like’.

He has been nominated for the BAFTA TV in the category of Best Male Performance in Comedy Program alongside the Big Boys Tv series the famous Harry Potter leading star Danielle Radcliff.

Jon has also done different stand-up comedies that we can find on the Internet. His usual comedy consists of dark humor and adult jokes.

He also directly speaks about politics and focuses on the problem in society.

Is Jon Pointing Gay? No, He Is Not

Although Jon Pointing has not stated the answer to the question directly, ‘Is Jon Pointing Gay?’ we can say from speculation that he is, in fact, straight.

As per sources, Jon Pointing has revealed that he tied the knot back in July 2021. Despite no one being able to readily explain why, the post in which he revealed his martial status had been removed. Hence, whether the performer is married or not is unclear.

Jon Pointing in his car on the driver’s seat (Source: The Guardian)

But in his interviews, he has previously stated having a partner named Sarah. He finds her to be incredibly humorous, vivacious, and a people person.

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He hasn’t said much in public about his love life or his marriage, either. In any event, only sometimes throughout the meetings has he made mention of his girlfriend Sarah.

Jon Pointing gay rumor is untrue, although he seemed to like keeping his personal affairs very private. Furthermore, there is no evidence of his involvement in any relationships in such rumors.

No one is entirely sure why the post in which he disclosed his marital status was removed. Thus, it is quite confusing whether or not the performer is married.

Let’s Know More About Jon Pointing

Jonathan Poiting, commonly known as Jon, is a 36-year-old actor is an Irish man living in Lewisham who is really very charming and has a cute smile.

Jon has stated that he comes from a neighborhood where people are proper and quite posh, but after being an actor and being in the environment of the acting business for a long period of time, he seems to be quite artsy and creative with his looks.

His haircut is a short back and sides, long on top, and he regularly wears an oversized vintage Reebok jacket.

He has a quite cuddly body and has a Golden Retriever energy which seems to be a problem during high school days.

Still, according to an interview, the comedic actor has not yet experienced bullying or any other form of unfairness.

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Jon Pointing TV series Big Boys

Jon has landed a part in Big Boys, the wonderful Channel 4 show based on the writer’s own life and written by Jack Rooke. In the program, which premiered this spring, Pointing portrays Danny, a student at Brent University who enjoys drinking Red Stripe and simply wants to have sex with “fit birds,” but whose medications prevent him from finding any enjoyment.

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He simply came for the fun, the people, the parties, and the sex. In fact, he’s so focused on having fun that it occasionally gets in the way.

Jon Pointing GayJon Pointing in the series Bog Boys (Source: IMDb)

Pointing was a natural choice to play Danny, not simply because of his strong demeanor and vulnerable core, but also because he and Rooke connected over their shared experiences with loss right away. Rooke lost his father to cancer and his best friend to suicide which seems to be familiar to Jon as he also lost his close friend when he was in his twenties.

He has received a nomination for Best Comic Performance from the Royal Television Society for his obnoxious geezer in Big Boys.

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