Nahel Nanterre Origine Parents: Meet Mother Mounia And Father

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Riots over the murder of Nahel M, 17, have broken out in Nanterre as well as other French cities. Get more information on the case and meet Nahel’s parents.

Leading newspapers in Europe sent reporters to cover police misconduct and the causes of distrust between citizens and the police in working-class suburbs.

The foreign press, like French observers, aims to comprehend and forecast. Foreign correspondents are intensifying their analysis and speculating about the future following the murder of Nahel, a 17-year-old motorist. 

He was slain during a police checkpoint in Nanterre on Tuesday and two nights of heightened tension in the Paris suburb and other French cities.

“All the ingredients are there for a pressure cooker to explode,” according to Le Soir, with skirmishes between the populace and police enforcement agencies, political squabbling, and complaints from sports and cultural celebrities.

The French government has “pulled out all its water hoses,” according to a Wednesday, June 28 article in the Belgian newspaper, to “put out the fire as quickly as possible before it spreads – or at least try to.”

The article quotes everyone from President Emmanuel Macron to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin to Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Nahel Nanterre Origine Parents: Meet Mother Mounia And Father

Nahel M originated from the west of Paris in the town of Nanterre. The youngster was born to his parents in 2006 and spent the majority of his childhood in Nanterre. 

17-year-old French citizen Nahel was of Algerian and Moroccan ancestry. He was an only child brought up by his mother in Nanterre, a working-class suburb 15 commuter train minutes from the center of Paris.

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“Respectful, kind, loving, and helpful” was how Mounia described her lone son.

Mounia, the mother of the French adolescent killed by police, is in Nanterre for a memorial march in honor of her son Nahel. (Source: Oman Observer)

His grandma revealed that he had fantasized about being a mechanic to a French journalist. She remarked, “He was excellent. He was a promising young man.

He was a member of the neighborhood Ovale Citoyen rugby team, which belonged to a French club.

The identity of the youngster’s father has not been revealed to the public. Additionally, Nahel’s father’s professional life and additional details are also a mystery as of now. 

Leader of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure said, “A refusal to stop doesn’t give you a license to kill.” “All the Republic’s children have a right to justice.”

The only child of Mouina, a 17-year-old minor, was slain by police on Tuesday as they were conducting a traffic stop. Before she left for work, he gave his mother a hearty kiss and said, “I love you, Mum.”

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Nanterre Origine Nahel’s Education And Career

Nahel M had been working as a takeaway delivery driver and played rugby league. He was noted as having a disorganized education.

He had enrolled in a college near his home in Suresnes to pursue an electrical engineering degree.

People who knew him reported that he was well-liked in Nanterre, where he resided with his mother, Mounia, who he had reportedly never met.

Nahel Nanterre Origine ParentsAt the conclusion of a commemorative march in Nanterre, a Parisian suburb, a spectator raises a banner while automobiles burn in the roadway. (Source: Telegraph)

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He had a dismal track record of attending college. Although he had no criminal history, police were aware of him.

He was fatally shot in the chest, point-blank, while operating a Mercedes vehicle on Tuesday just after nine in the morning for swerving during a police traffic check.

More than 6,000 angry individuals gathered in the square where Mounia’s son had been slain by a policeman hours earlier.

They took part in a white march in Nanterre that the victim’s mother organized to memorialize her son, who had been killed.

The single mother raised a fist and chanted “Justice for Nahel” while standing in a van, clearly shaken and surrounded by several friends and family members.

One person commented, “He’s brave,” as the grieving woman waved and smiled at the audience.

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