Meteorologist: Elise Finch Health And Illness: Was She Sick?

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In the aftermath of the sudden and tragic passing of CBS-New York meteorologist Elise Finch, many wonder about her health before her untimely demise.

The sudden and tragic loss of CBS-New York meteorologist Elise Finch has left colleagues, friends, and viewers in shock and mourning. 

Known for her gifted skills as a weather forecaster and warm personality, Finch had been a beloved figure in the New York community since she started delivering weather forecasts on Channel 2 in 2007. 

Her untimely death, which occurred just a day or two after her last appearance on air, has raised questions about her health and potential illness. 

As we delve into the life and career of Elise Finch, we will explore any information available about her health before her passing and the circumstances surrounding her demise.

Meteorologist: Elise Finch Health Before Death

As the news of the sudden passing of Elise Finch reverberated through the media, many people began to wonder about her health before her untimely death. 

Elise Finch was present at the Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon 100th Anniversary Gala held at Rye Town Hilton in Rye Brook, New York on March 24, 2012. (Source:

The official statement from her employer, New York affiliate CBS station WCBS, did not provide specific details about the cause of her passing, leaving the public with unanswered questions about her health leading up to her death.

Given the lack of information about any preexisting health conditions or illness, it is essential to approach this topic with sensitivity and respect for the privacy of Elise Finch’s family and loved ones. There is no publicly available information about her health status before her passing. 

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The absence of disclosed information has only fueled speculation as fans and colleagues seek to understand her death’s circumstances.

Elise Finch Illness: Was She Sick?

In the wake of the sudden and unexpected passing of Elise Finch, speculation and curiosity have arisen regarding whether she was battling any illness before her death. 

Tweet 1This tweet by Tony Aiello is a tribute to the late Elise Finch, the beloved meteorologist from WCBS 2. (Source: Twitter)

There is no publicly available information about Elise Finch’s health status or whether she was sick before her untimely demise. Her employer, New York affiliate CBS station WCBS, did not disclose any details about the cause of her passing in their official statement. 

The lack of information surrounding her health has led to an outpouring of questions and concerns from her fans, colleagues, and the broader community who admired her work as a meteorologist.

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During this time of mourning, the focus should remain on celebrating Elise Finch’s life, her contributions to the community, and the lasting legacy she leaves behind. 

Tributes Pour In For Elise Finch

Tributes have been pouring in from all corners for the late Elise Finch, CBS-New York’s gifted and beloved meteorologist.

Colleagues at WCBS, where she graced the screens for over a decade, remember her as a consummate professional with an unwavering commitment to her work. Her warmth and genuine enthusiasm for meteorology left an indelible mark on everyone she worked with.

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Beyond her professional accomplishments, she was revered as a fiercely loving mother and a devoted wife to her husband, Graig Henriques, a photojournalist at the same station. Viewers have expressed their grief and appreciation for the talent she brought to their homes each day. 

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As tributes continue to pour in, it becomes evident that Elise Finch’s legacy will endure, and her impact on those she touched will be cherished for years.

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