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An American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and record producer Percy Robert Miller, best known as Master P, has a net worth of $ 200 million.

He is the founder of No Limit Records and the founder and CEO of P. Miller Enterprises.

Miller is also the owner of House of Glory (HOG), an American professional wrestling school.

Master P (Source:

Master P has five Grammy Awards to his name.

He is also the first hip-hop artist to be inducted into Louisiana’s Music Hall of Fame in 2013.

Besides that, he’s been placed 6th on Forbes magazine’s list of the World’s 10 Richest Rappers in 2021.

Recently, Master P received an honorary doctorate from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.

Quick Facts

Birth name/ Full namePercy Robert Miller
Celebrated nameMaster P
Other namesThe Ice Cream Man, The Ghetto Bill
Net Worth$200 million
Birth DateApril 29, 1967
Birth PlaceNew Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
ResidenceMinnesota, U.S.
EducationBooker T. Washington High School

Merritt Junior College in Oakland, California, business (1987)

Zodiac SignTaurus
Father’s NamePercy Miller
Mother’s Name Josie Miller
Siblings Sister-Germaine MillerBrother(s)- Kevin, Corey “C-Murder” and Vyshonne “Silkk the Shocker” Miller.
Age56 Years Old
Height1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
Weight100 kg (220 pounds)
Hair Color Black
Eye ColorDark brown
Face Shape Oval
Sexual Orientation Straight
Spouse(s)Sonya C. Miller (1989-2014)

Rapper, songwriter, record executive, entrepreneur, actor, record producer

Awards5 Grammy Awards

4 American Music Awards

4 BET Awards

3 MTV Awards

Honorary doctorate- Lincoln University of PA (2021)

Last UpdateAugust, 2023

Master P: Net Worth and Income

Master P’s net worth of $200 million comes from his music, films, television shows, and many commercial enterprises.

He is the founder of No Limit Records, an American record label that was renamed No Limit Forever Records later on. 

Master P has released and sold multiple albums via No Limit Records.

The rapper has become well-known and profited handsomely from his record labels.

In 2013, Miller’s net worth was claimed to be $200 million, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in the American hip-hop scene.

He has also invested millions of money he’s generated from his songs in various enterprises.

Miller has reportedly invested in 45 commercial companies.

These businesses’ profits contribute a lot to the millionaire’s net worth.

Master P has also appeared in many films and television shows and has made a decent living from his earnings.

Over the years, he has made a big name for himself in the film industry by acting in and directing several films.

During the early 2000s, World Championship Wrestling president Eric Bischoff signed Master P to a deal paying $200,000 per TV appearance.

Because the television ratings were dropping and to cash in the rapper’s success.

Master P was the first hip-hop entrepreneur to launch a cable television network, Better Black Television (BBTV011), with the goal of spreading positive messages to the African-American community.

Net Worth of Master P in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Master P’s net worth in different currencies.

CurrencyNet Worth
Euro€ 168,600,000
Pound Sterling£ 144,773,000
Australian DollarA$ 267,877,400
Canadian DollarC$ 250,250,000
Indian Rupee₹ 14,922,900,000
BitCoin฿ 6,093
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Master P: Cars and Houses

The millionaire’s ex-wife, Sonya Miller, revealed that he owns 31 properties.


Texas ResidenceMaster P’s house in Texas (Source:

According to her, his real estate assets are spread across the United States. Sonya also demanded eight of his thirty-one properties as part of the divorce settlement.

Master P houseResidence in California (Source:

Master P also has a mansion in Missouri City that features 11,500 ft of living space.

The mansion also has 3 large chandeliers, each worth over $300,000.

Nevertheless, there is no information available about the prices of the residences owned by Master P.


The rap mogul has a total of 13 cars.

Master P owns a black Rolls Royce Ghost with an all-white interior. This magnificent car comes with a hefty price tag of $250,000.

Master P' Black Rolls RoyceMaster P’s Black Rolls Royce                      (Source:

The rapper also has a $270,000 Rolls Royce Ghost in white. Reportedly his sugar momma gifted him this car.

Master P's Rolls RoyceMaster P’s White Rolls Royce Ghost (Source:

He also has a Bentley Coupe in his collection. With its absurd $273,000 price tag, the Bentley provides a richer and more sumptuous experience.

Aside from that, P owns a Jaguar XJ, which costs $ 90,000. He also owns three Cadillac Escalade. Each of these exquisite cars cost him around $ 80,000.

Master P also possesses a Lamborghini. This sports car can reach a high speed of 316 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under 3.9 seconds.

He paid $225,000 for this car, excluding the customization charge.

Master P's carA Yellow Lamborghini Owned by Master P (Source:

Another jewel in his collection is his Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. This vehicle cost Master P a whopping $137,000.

Master P also owned a Cameleon Impala that he later sold on eBay.

Lastly, he possesses a $100,000 MXT Limited Truck.

The sleek machine is powered by a 300-horsepower international V8 engine with 530 lb-ft of torque and a chassis capable of pulling seven tons.

Master P: Lifestyle

Because of his lifestyle, Master P is in fantastic physical shape.

He begins each day by doing exercises from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

He does sit-ups, boxing, cardio, burpees, and weight training.

To safeguard his health, he also maintains his diet and consumes fewer calories.

The 54-year-old hip-hop mogul Master P hasn’t given up on his music profession and is still going strong.

No Limit Chronicles: The Lost Tape, his most recent album, was released on July 29, 2020.

Moreover, P is currently focusing his efforts on expanding his brands, such as Moneyatti and Uncle P, by introducing new clothing and culinary items.

Apart from his business, Master P spends the rest of his time with his family.

P recently shared a video of him spending time with his family on his social media account.

He also said that family comes first and that nothing beats family time.

Apart from that, Master P and his son, Lil Romeo, devote their time and energy to serving people in need.

Master P: Charity

Master P has been giving back to people from his Net Worth through his foundation, P. Miller Youth Centers, and his P. Miller Food Foundation for the Homeless.

For more than two decades, his foundations have supported inner-city youngsters across the country.

Miller offered ten scholarships to school children during a charity basketball game in New Orleans in 2017.

He also paid the funeral fees for Trinity Randolph, a 3-year-old shot in Louisville in 2020.

Besides that, he launched Take A Stand Records, a record label whose profits will go to scholarships for underprivileged children.

In 1999, the rapper offered half a million dollars donation to support a Catholic school he formerly attended in New Orleans, as well as two other schools.

He and his son Percy Romeo Miller were also awarded the Certificate of Special Recognition from Congress member Maxine Waters in 2005 for their philanthropic efforts.

Master P: Media, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publication

Movies and TV shows

The rapper has been in many films, as well as television shows, since 1997.

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His debut movie, ‘I’m Bout It,‘  which he wrote and directed, grossed more than $10 million in theaters.

Another film, I Got the Hook-Up, starring Master P, was aired in 1998.

I Got the Hook-Up 2, directed by Corey Grant, was released later in 2019.

In its debut weekend, it grossed $149,036 from 37 theaters for a per-screen average of $4,028.

From 2003 to 2006, Master P co-starred in Romeo! with his son Romeo Miller on the Nickelodeon children’s network.

In 1999, he also briefly appeared in World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

He headed The No Limit Soldiers, a professional wrestling stable, in a feud with Curt Hennig’s The West Texas Rednecks.

Master P was a Dancing with the Stars contestant, replacing Romeo, who had to quit due to injury.

In Week 4, he was eliminated.

He also collaborated with his son Romeo on a children’s cartoon called “Gee Gee The Giraffe” as part of the Better Black TV project to create good, educational, and entertaining entertainment for African-American kids.

Master P and his family also had their own reality program, Master P’s Family Empire, in 2015.

He has also starred on television shows such as No Excuses (2009) and Growing Up Hip Hop (2016-Present).


Master P has put his No Limit record company’s millions of dollars into real estate, stocks, film, music, and television production.

He has invested in 45 different businesses.

 Master P made $160 million as an entrepreneur, in 1998.

Moneyatti, a Registered Trademark and Luxury Shoe Brand of “PERCY MILLER and TEAM,” a USA BRAND, is one of the brands he invests in.

Aside from that, he invests in his food and beverage enterprises.

His sports management company, No Limit Communications, was a big success.

No Limit Enterprises, a conglomerate, made $110 million in revenue in 1998 alone.

Furthermore, P’s PM Properties, a real estate investment established in New Orleans, owns and manages over 100 properties across the United States.

Apart from that, the rapper handles his son, rap star Romeo Miller, and pop star Forrest Lipton and Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane’s music, film, and television careers.


P had recently landed a $2.5 million endorsement deal for his son Hercy Miller.

However, there is one snag: Hercy will have to wait until the NCAA alters its rules to allow student-athletes to be compensated for their name, image, or likeness.

Furthermore, Master P promotes his own food and shoe brands on his social media accounts.

He has also appeared in TV commercials, including ‘Winton & Hiestand.’

In 2020, his ‘MONEYATTI’ brand inked a multi-million dollar sneaker production and distribution deal with Luca’s AliveShoes company.

Luca’s AliveShoes became the official maker of the all-new exclusive “MONEYATI” Shoes.

Moneyatti BrandMoneyatti Shoes (Source:

Miller became interested in politics in late 2007 and thus encouraged voter participation.

He was a fervent supporter of Barack Obama, who became the 44th President of the United States.

Book Publication

Master P published his first book, Guaranteed Success: When You Never Give Up, on September 1, 2007.

He reveals his personal roadmap for living a happy and prosperous life.

The multi-millionaire also explains how to achieve goals, handle money, and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Master P: Career

Miller received an athletic scholarship to the University of Houston. But, he dropped out and got transferred to Merritt College in Oakland, California.

His grandfather died soon after, leaving him $10,000, which he used to start his own record store, No Limit Records, in Richmond, California.

Music Career

On February 12, 1991, the rapper released his debut studio album Get Away Clean.

Two years later, he formed TRU, a music rap trio, with his two brothers, Corey Miller and Vyshonn Miller, in 1993.

In-A-Minute Records had a brief distribution deal with TRU and released their debut album ‘Understanding the Criminal Mind.’

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In 1995, Master P relocated No Limit Records with new artists and in-house producers, Beats By the Pound.

He also signed No Limit Records to a distribution deal with Priority Records. Master P earned millions of dollars from this contract alone.

Then in 1996, he returned with TRU to work on Tru 2 da Game with his brothers C-Murder and Silkk the Shocker.

In 1997, Master P’s blockbuster album, Ghetto D, was released.

The album’s first-week sales were the biggest of all of Master P’s albums, with over 760,000 copies sold, and it went triple platinum.

MP Da Last Don (1998) was Master P’s seventh and best-selling album. The album sold over four million copies.

In the same year, he also released a film with the same title.

Since then, he’s sold more than 75 million records, won five Grammys, four American Music Awards, three MTV Awards, and four BET Awards.

Television Career

Master P made his acting debut in 1997.

He took $1 million out of the bank to invest in his debut film, “I’m ‘Bout It,” which he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in.

He self-released it on a videocassette and sold over 200,000 copies, recouping his investment and around $9 million extra.

Over the years, he’s directed, wrote, and acted in several films and TV Shows.

Aside from his films and television appearances.

Miller also served as executive producer for his teenage daughter Cymphonique’s Nickelodeon show.

Similarly, Miller appeared in How To Rock, and served as co-creator of Romeo!, a hit Nickelodeon television show starring his son.

Business career

Master P established a high-volume business plan after signing with Priority, churning out many records as regularly as possible.

His CDs were labeled, making the No Limit brand more important than the performer’s identity.

P’s record labels have sold over 75 million records to date.

The entrepreneur also debuted the Moneyatti brand in 2018, which immediately gained popularity and endorsement from athletes and celebrities.

Uncle P's Rice (uncleprice)Uncle P’s Rice                        (Source:

In 2019, P also released Louisiana-inspired ‘Rap Noodles’ and ‘Rap Snacks’- a potato chip brand with varieties based on popular rap artists.

In the same year, he founded Big Poppa Burgers in Harvey, Louisiana.

Master P also possesses his own line of energy drinks called “Make ‘Em Say Ugh!”

To bring variety to shop shelves, Master P offers the latest “Uncle P’s Louisiana Seasoned” food products, as well as Southern-style Fish fry and seafood breading mix.

Master P: Interesting Facts

  • Master P released the cassette tape Mind Of A Psychopath on February 15, 1990. That same year, his brother Kevin Miller was murdered in New Orleans. This fueled his desire to become an entrepreneur and improve his and his family’s life.
  • His fortune dropped after paying divorce settlement payments for his then-wife, Sonya Miller.
  • With an estimated income of $56.5 million in 1998, Master P was ranked 10th on Forbes magazine’s list of America’s 40 highest-paid celebrities.

Master P: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Lil’ Romeo worth?

Percy Romeo Miller, aka Lil’ Romeo, is an American rapper, actor, basketball player, entrepreneur, and model who has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Who is the richest black man in the world?

The founder and chairman of Dangote Cement, Aliko Dangote, is the richest Black person on the planet.

His net worth is $11.9 billion as of 2021.

Did Master P play in the NBA (National Basketball Association)?

While Master P never appeared in an NBA regular-season game, he did record stats in pre-season games for the Hornets and the Raptors.

His significance extends well beyond his brief professional basketball career.

Master P is also the owner of the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League (GMGB).

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