Macin Smith Missing Update 2023: Is He Found yet?

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People are curious to know about Macin Smith missing update. For more than seven years, Macin Smith has been missing. 

According to the reports, the young man was a native of St. George, Utah. The specifics and facts surrounding the disappearance of Macin Smith are covered in this article. 

He would have been 24 years old if he had been with his family. 

The local authorities who were involved in the investigation into Macin Smith’s disappearance don’t have any information or leads that could hasten the search.

The 17-year-old Macin Smith hasn’t been seen or heard from for more than five years after he vanished from his St. George home on September 1, 2015, presumably without a trace.


Bob Oedy, a citizen of Southern California with no personal connection to the case and no direct involvement, said he first became interested in Smith’s disappearance while watching a television documentary about the puzzling case that garnered much national attention. 

Let’s investigate Macin Smith missing update in 2023.

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Macin Smith Missing Update 2023: Is He Found Yet?

According to the sources, Smith was last observed leaving his home early on September 1, 2015. Darrin and Tracey Macin’s parents believed that Macin was leaving for school. 

But the school was able to confirm that he didn’t show up that day. According to reports, he was 17 years old when he vanished. Macin Smith missing update has been a topic of interest for people after so many years.

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It was discovered during the investigation that Macin left his wallet, cell phone, and computer at his house.

People are curious to know about Macin Smith missing update. (Source: Internet)

As the teen was said to be depressed, the fact that he left nothing behind suggested that he could try to kill himself. The adolescent has been missing for more than seven years as of 2015 so far.

Search teams and local law enforcement agencies have been looking everywhere in the county for the adolescent, who may be 24 years old if still alive.

A Facebook page was set up to share posts about the missing youngster. More than 50,000 people are part of the group, and they were all urged to post any tips or information they may have regarding Macin on the forum.  

More Details On Macin Smith Missing Case

The organization was searched, and it was discovered that its name was “#MacinsArmy.” There were rumors that people had seen Macin in various sections of the nation. 

According to the authorities ‘ examination of those locations, all of the reports regarding Macin’s sightings were untrue. 

The family and friends of Macin have not given up hope during these seven years, and they are optimistic that they will find their son soon. 

In a released statement, Macin’s mother stated, “I think it’s very important that my son is not forgotten because he’s still out there, somewhere.”

Please keep your eyes open, whether you’re a hiker, a four-wheeler, or just someone who is out in the wilderness, she urged. He is still present. Don’t overlook my boy.

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Macin Smith Missing updateThere have not been any verifiable sightings or indications of Macin Smith’s whereabouts more than five years after she vanished. (Source: NBC News)

Nothing could be further from the truth, said Jolyne Bowden Gailey, a close family friend of the Smiths and Macins Army Facebook page administrator.

The “Help Find Macin Smith / MacinsArmy” Facebook page, founded years ago by Macin’s mother, Tracey K. Smith and uncle Keith Bratt, has been an “amazing” resource, according to Gailey, who spoke to St. George News.

Gailey, who claims to operate and manage the Facebook group for several hours each day, claims she regularly receives comments and advice from hundreds of active users on the social media site. 

Based on what the group writes on Facebook, she added that another volunteer manages a comparable Twitter account.

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