Lovelesh Tiwari Age: How Old Is Atiq Ahmed Shooter- Where Is He Now?

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People want to know about Lovelesh Tiwari age. Lovelesh was one of the shooters of Atiq Ahmed.

The Father of one of the attackers said on Sunday that his son was unemployed and a drug user after gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were shot dead in Prayagraj under the spotlight the media on Saturday night.

Yagya Tiwari, the Father of Lovelesh, one of the apprehended gunmen, told reporters on Sunday, Lovelesh was his son.

On TV, they witnessed the occurrence. They were not aware of Lovelesh’s acts or involvement in them. He never resided in their House and was never involved in family matters.

Nothing was revealed to his family members by him. Five to six days ago, he arrived there. They last had communication with him a few years ago. 

A case has already been filed against him, and he was imprisoned. Let’s dive deep to learn about Lovelesh Tiwari age details. 

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Lovelesh Tiwari Age: How Old Is Atiq Ahmed Shooter?

Lovelesh Tiwari age is 22 years old. The last time Lovelesh, a native of Kotwali in the Banda district, visited home was around a week ago, according to his younger brother Sarvesh Tiwari, who added, “He used to take a lot of drugs.”

Tiwari is a Bajrang Dal Leader, according to his Facebook profile. He claims to be a Zila Sah Pramukh of the Bajrang Dal in his profile.

Yagya Tiwari, Lavlesh’s Father, has cut off communication with his family, claiming they don’t know how he got there.

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The three held a fake camera and microphone and had press identification credentials. They could pass as journalists eager to interview gangster-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf.

Lovelesh Tiwari Age is 22 years. (Source: ABP Live)

On Saturday in Prayagraj, Atiq and Ashraf were brought for a medical examination while in Police custody. They paused to answer queries.

The first shot was fired right at that moment. Atiq and Ashraf’s murders were unlike any other murders. High-profile individuals were assassinated in front of the cameras.

A criminal was lying in a heap who had instilled dread in the hearts of the people of Uttar Pradesh. Dead on target at close range.

They killed Atiq and Ashraf instantly by firing almost a dozen bullets from Zigana handguns in approximately 22 seconds.

Where Is He Now?

According to a source on the ongoing event in Uttar Pradesh, Lovelesh Tiwari, one of the three shooters responsible for the deaths of Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf, was also struck by a bullet while the commotion was going on.

Sources claim that Lovelesh was shot after being struck by another criminal. Lovelesh is reportedly not in danger and is being treated at Prayagraj’s Swaroop Rani Nehru Hospital.

Lovelesh Tiwari ageLovelesh Tiwari is in hospital. (Source: The Economic Times)

Lovelesh Tiwari, a Banda resident, Mohit alias Sunny, a Hamirpur resident, and Arun Maurya, a Kasganj resident, are the three attackers who have been charged by the Police under sections 302 (the penalty for murder), 307 (attempt to kill), the Arms Act, and the Criminal Law Amendment Act.

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On the scene, the weapons used in the crime were also found.

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