London based curator and writer Vincent Honore dies by suicide

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Reports on Thursday, November 30, 2023, suggested the possible demise of Vincent Honoré, a prominent London-based curator and writer renowned in the art world. However, as of now, substantial evidence supporting these claims remains undisclosed, leading to widespread skepticism among the public. No family member, colleague, or close friend of Vincent Honoré has stepped forward to verify these assertions, leaving the news shrouded in uncertainty.

En revenant de l’expo posted on Facebook,

“Adieu Vincent… Merci pour tout !Reposted from @bourriaudnicolas That day, in 2020, Vincent Honoré and I were in Paris to prepare an exhibition. Getting out of the restaurant where we had lunch, we met Jean-Luc Verna in the street.“One of many many memories I have with Vincent, long-time friend and collaborator, my Head of exhibitions at MO.CO, one the most brilliant curators of his generation. So long, my friend.”

Vincent Honoré held a distinguished position in the art realm, with his influence transcending conventional gallery confines. Based in London, his impact as a curator and writer garnered widespread admiration, positioning him as a leading luminary in the domain of contemporary art. His innovative curation methods and distinct perspective left an enduring mark on the artistic landscape.

Despite the attention drawn by the news of Vincent Honoré’s alleged passing, the lack of concrete evidence or substantial information to validate these claims has led to prevailing doubt. The public eagerly awaits confirmation from credible sources to substantiate or refute these reports.

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